Madagascar band “Behind the Mask” releases début single


Behind the Mask, when you first hear that name, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Well, mine is Batman, he can do no wrong. Behind the Mask is a new Hardcore/Metalcore masked band from Toamasina, Madagascar.

Yes, Madagascar, we are so happy to be hearing about bands from all parts of Africa. Lots of countries are getting into rock and Metal. Good times ahead for the scene.

Listen to their first single, The Message:

The Message

These guys hide in their masks all day, even at night and they don’t use their real names, just their nicknames. Their solo player is called STY, the riffs are handled by Lambo Sis, and the bass is Lolo Vokatra and the drummer is  Tromba while the vox is handled by Lambo Ala, he also wrote the lyrical content for the track.

Lambo Ala spoke with us about their motivation behind the lyrics and song:

The lyrics focuses on things that are going on in our nation! There is corruption everywhere you go. There is tons of traffic. There is rich people, poor people, and our government can’t do anything. Instead of helping people, they grab all the financing and promise people that we are in the right change (evolution), but they are just fucking liars. People have to help each other to survive. That is the message.

Stay tuned for more from Behind The Mask.

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