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So we start from Lust of a Dying Breed

Lust of a Dying Breed are not afraid to go for what they want, hailing from East Africa, Kenya to be precise, in the cold, central part of Kenya which is Nairobi [Capital] where metal thrives. Bless Nairobi .The band includes Martin Kanja also known as Lord Spikeheart. To know the reason for this name, we’ve got you covered, click here. He is the lead vocalist and he plays the guitar. So too, does Lord Bloodlust who is also on vocals, Steve Smalls who plays the bass guitar and Abdallah Issa Khalid on guitars. Everyone plays the guitar in the band?

By the left…Martin,Abdallah and Tim Opoko

Timothy Opiko and Martin Kanja met at a gig at Choices on Sunday, June 2010 and they decided to form the deathcore band, LUST OF A DYING BREEDTim Abuor came up with the name for the band. The local rock scene was dead and so they called the band Lust of a Dying Breed (oh, that makes a ton of sense now!) since Lust is a strong want for something, but you already knew that. The initial line up was Martin Kanja (vocals), Tim Opiko (Bass), Kelvin Kwasa (Guitars), Carrey Francis ‘the rocktopus’ Ronjey (drums), and Lewis Ongwen. Their  first show was at Club Choices in Nairobi which has hosted a lot of rock and metal gigs. They later became regulars. Ronjey and Kwassa Went Back to their original band The Awakening, which meant the band was watered down to Issa Khalid Abdalla, Tim Opiko, Martin Kanja and Lewis Ongwen. They used to practice at Lewis’ Hostel in Kenyatta University. The band fell out with Lewis later, and Sam Kiranga And Larry Kim joined them.

Abdallah on guitars

The first song Lust of a Dying Breed covered was Sonnet of the Wretched by Chelsea Grin so you know what this guys are made off .

Now the question: Are Lust of a Dying Breed back from their hiatus ?

Hell yeah, they are back! Watch this space, the wait is over.They had been on hiatus from 2012-2015 but now are back with full force and power, we are talking THE DEATHMETAL KIND OF POWER. The band released its first single since 2012 on March of 2015 called “Divine Design” which was produced by Shinigami StudiosWhat’s amazing about this 4 piece band is their stage performance. Martin’s throat ripping vocals, plus his ‘fuck you’ attitude to match, all this plays a plays a role in the name Lust of a Dying Breed.

The Cat of Nine Tails album art was designed by Douglas Kihoro, guitarist and vocalist of In Oath.

Nice album art, dark and twisty. The band wanted something dark to reflect the mood of Cat of Nine Tails. Something terrifying perhaps. All those elements in the songs considered; violence, desolation, torture. They wanted that album art to be a representation of those aspects.

Then their upcoming album art ‘Pyramid Entities’ which will be released this year was designed by Lord Bloodlust,the newest member of the band, we will be interviewing him in the Part 2 and Part 3 of this article, this is an interview you would love to read, he speaks in divine incantations but meanwhile let’s see the album art he designed.

So I spoke to Daniel Otieno Kobimbo, who works with and manages the band. I told him to tell us the significance of this album art. Here’s what he had to say.


So the art behind the EP is basically a symbolism of what we as a band have experienced in 2015. When the band went on hiatus we experienced a death of sorts and 2015 we came back with Divine Design. So this album and the album art along with it are us introducing to the world our attempts at grappling with Death and its eternal dance with Life. The figure in the foreground is a mummy with a lotus flower around its neck. The lotus is a Hindu symbol of life and death. And the mummy is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian concepts of life and death which are played out in the pyramids and mummification. All the elements in that art symbolizes that dance of death and life. There is a hexagram behind the mummy which is also symbolic of life and death. The songs on the EP also dwell on those concepts. ‘Divine Design’ was our way of telling the world that there is no need to fear death. It is part of the divine design. We had lost a metalhead to suicide and this song came at the right time.

Austin of AudioInferno: What is the reason for the album name ‘Pyramid Entities’ ?


It’s funny though the plan we had as a band was to release a full length album this year. Martin was calling it 1831: Part I. Martin saw it in a dream, obviously a drug induced dream. Safe drugs! So in December the band was to go to Martin’s place in Nakuru for a weekend. However, it so happened I had bar exams. And Abdalla and Smalls were busy. So it was just Lord Bloodlust and Martin there. Anyway, long story short, they came out of that place with the album art that Bloodlust apparently woke up one morning and drew on the back of a newspaper. And they decided instead of Pyramid entities being a single, we turn it into an EP.

Nice answer there by Daniel, he also has his blog dedicated to the Kenyan rock scene, Heavy and the Beast, he also writes for Heavy Nairobi and Varsity Emerald.

Two brutal lords in a band, that’s awesome! Can’t wait for Pyramid Entities which will be coming out this year, an eagle flew from Antarctica’s mountains to AudioInferno Towers and told us a certain band from Botswana called Overthrust will feature in the album.

Lust of a Dying breed goes for the heavy stuff with their previous album Cat of the Nine tails (2012) which was a success in the African Rock Scene. They will be back again with Pyramid Entities; they are indeed a death metal band and it is fitting that they should articulate death this way. The band’s earlier style was pure death metal with influences of deathcore, the band has since diversified and they now include elements of Melodic Death Metal. Try not to get lost with the sub genres

Enjoy Cat of Nine Tails, listen and you’ll see what we are talking about…

So that’s pretty much it from us, stay tuned for our interview with Lord Bloodlust, the newest member of the band this very week. For everything Lust of a Dying Breed, you are already at the right place.


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