This is what the winners of the 1st AudioInferno ARMA had to say!

AudioInferno African Rock Music Awards

We want to thank everybody that participated in the 1st AudioInferno African Rock Music Awards last month; the nominees, the winners and more importantly, you! We couldn’t have done it without you guys and your support, also considering AudioInferno is entering her second year and we are doing just fine so we wish you a wonderful year ahead, with more albums, more tours, more collaborations with your local and international acts. More merchandise, more sales, whatever floats your boat.

We really appreciate all your efforts in making good music in all genres whether metal or rock and grabbing the listener by the testicles when he/she listens to your respective sounds. Most of the bands you see out there that created all the sounds that sex your ear, some of them are students, lecturers, soldiers, engineers etc. So it’s not easy balancing music and work. We respect their effort and congratulate them. Making rock music here in Africa is not easy. Bless you guys and keep up the awesome work! Without y’all we wouldn’t have anything to write about!

We spoke with all the winners and got their views on winning in our first ever awards.


Above Atlas

Above Atlas

We’d just like to thank everyone who listens to us and enjoys our music and thanks so much for voting for us, it means a lot!



Last Year’s Tragedy

We are humbled and appreciate our fans continued support, huge surprises in store this 2016, y’all keep it keen. One love, fam.



It was an amazing experience composing and writing the song from across borders. We definitely needed a female touch to our album and we could only find it in Clay. She gave the song a fitting melody and the rest was voted the best rock song of 2015. We thank all our fans for the support and we look forward to doing more award-winning stuff!




We are so excited to be the winners in the category for Best Metal Video 2015 in your 1st Annual African Rock Music Awards! We would like to thank the entire crew for nominating our video among so many awesome videos out there! Also, we would like to thank all you who support what we do and who voted for “Blinded” in this contest! Stay tuned for our upcoming album release on February 12!

 RASH FOR BEST ROCK VIDEO (Sons of Robots) [Kenya]

Rash band

We just want to thank our fans for believing in us. This is the year of Rashtafarians as we like to put it. Keep it #teamRash for more amazing stuff this year.


I want to say big thank to everyone who voted me in the first ARMA awards in the African goddess category. I feel really special, very “goddessy” indeed. And thank you to AudioInferno, for the initiative. May things get greater for you, I pray. God bless you all. Clay loves always. Rock on #Clayrocksu

SET FOR THE SKY FOR BEST ROCK ALBUM (The Machine) [South Africa]

Set For The Sky

Firstly, we would like to thank AudioInferno for the nomination, all our fans and everyone who voted. Without your support, this could not have happened. To be nominated for two awards at the ARMA’s was an honour in itself, then finding out we had won the Best Rock Album category was just amazing, and still is. Having this album recognised on an international scale and knowing that you are all enjoying it is amazing. It is great to see the African Rock and Metal community coming together to help strengthen the scene.

OVERTHRUST FOR  BEST METAL ALBUM (Desecrated Deeds to Desease) [Botswana]



We exist because of our fans. Our fans are our backbone their support give birth to our brutality. Overthrust love you guys and without you we are dead. Salute to all our fans all over the world. Overthrust wish u a prosperous heavy metal 2016. Hope to see you soon at 7th Anniversary Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest 2016. Cheers and don’t forget Lemmy.




My thanks and appreciation to everyone that voted for me in the 1st AudioInferno ARMA awards. I am so honored to have been nominated and it is such a vote of confidence to have won this category. Congratulations to my fellow nominees and the winners of the various categories as well. A huge thank you to AudioInferno for taking on such a huge task. Our Alternative community has benefitted from this initiative and may it continue and grow. I will wear this badge with honour!





M’vula would first like to thank AudioInferno for the warm welcome we received when we arrived in Lagos for the Afrima Awards Ceremony. We would also like to thank AudioInferno for all the support and motivation you give us as we continue moving forward. It is an honour and we are very proud to have been awarded the The Best Band of 2015 in the 1st ARMA Awards event. We consider AudioInferno part of the M’vula family. We also have a very special thank you we would like to give. This thank you goes out to all our fans, who have through good and bad times always unconditionally supported us.


Reading through those comments gives us a warm fuzzy feeling and we are encouraged to keep shining a spotlight on the African scene. We realise there’s a lot to do and we will do our best to cover as much as we can. We would love the support of the African scene! Together, we can grow this dedicated and passionate community. If you think you can help us then feel free to send us an email at and for the bands, don’t hesitate to reach us at! We can also be reached on the various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram! Thanks y’all!

Support your local bands/acts, stay awesome and rock on \m/


Name is Austin, peeps call me Austinrock. I like to interact with bands. You DO NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained here \m/{*¿*}\m/ …THERE…OK. I’m a huge Melodeath metal fan. I’m proud to be a METALHEAD. Metal isn’t for everybody, it’s for the chosen few. Most friends I have tell me they don’t understand why I like metal, that it is too much noise. They just going to have to listen beyond the noise and the truth is they don’t have to figure it out, it is either in you or it isn’t. Metal is my morning coffee and it’s my night sleeping pills…

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