An Interview with Lord Bloodlust


ANNNNNNNNND we are back again, only this time we are spoke with Lord bloodlust,  we  finally had the chance to chat with him. He’s as  mysterious as we figured. Keep in mind folks, this is a 3 part interview, with this as the as the part 2, so stay tuned to the Part3. Let’s hear what the man had to say to AudioInferno.


Austin of AudioInferno: Austin here from, what’s your government and your anti-government name. And yes, I just asked that question… like that… just now.
Lord Bloodlust:

“Lord Bloodlust will remain anonymous. The personality and demographic details aren’t important, but my ideas and the story I hope to tell through my vocals will identify me. The mantle of Lord Bloodlust can be worn by anyone but the mental entity will be the same.”

AI: So Martin Kanja told me about your formal entry to the band, Lust of a Dying Breed. How do you feel?

“I don’t know what to say really. Overwhelmed would pretty much capture the feeling. This is something that I’ve always wanted to be a part of since I discovered music. I’m really excited to see where this journey leads.”

AI: Were you in any other band(s)?

“No I’ve never been part of other bands. The divine mind formed me purposefully for Lust of a Dying Breed. I don’t think I would have ever felt complete singing for another band and when LOADB came calling, I said yes. But that moment was already written on the parchment of the cosmos many billions of years ago.”

AI: Personal stuff here, so at what age did you first get on stage?

“Haha, I’ve been on a stage before but not with a band. The first time I ever stood in front of a crowd was in a pre-school play that I starred in. That was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, I thought I totally bombed in the role but my granny and little brother were there to reassure me. Since then I’ve never looked back…*laughs*”

AI:  I haven’t heard you sing before, you scream or growl?

“The full scope of my abilities is open to limitless expansion. However, at the moment I don’t growl or scream. I just do clean vocals.”

AI: So tell me what is your best or fav genre?

“I wouldn’t say I have any favourites but I have taste for the more extreme and experimental genres of metal. Everything ranging from Technical Death metal, Black Metal, Slamming Brutal Death Metal and I also sample a bit of djent and deathcore. Progressive metal really stands out above the rest however, and I have a healthy collection of bands that do that kind of music.”

AI: Mention three bands you love so much, no hiding fro this one here.

“I love lots of bands both globally and locally. Three years ago I wouldn’t be saying this, but my favourite bands are from Kenya. If our bands recorded more music, they’d be all I listen to. There’s so much talent and brutality here and I just wish guys took their talent more seriously, but in time we’ll get to where we want to go both as a country and a continent.
I absolutely adore and respect Last Year’s Tragedy, they have music that for many may be taken to be just heavy but for me they possess a subtle element; their songs are enlightening and some of the most spiritual I’ve ever listened to. I’d say they are the reason I rediscovered my reverence for God outside church.
The other band I love is Rash. They are new entrants in the scene but they work harder than anyone else around here, doing shows all over. They have a gem of a vocalist and their performances are really tight.
This last band isn’t a metal band, they are called Murfy’s Flaw. They have a couple of records and their songs are hard not to love. Nambari Tisa their guitarist is a cool guy and I love how the rest of the band is made up of chicks, I won’t say what kind of thoughts that idea gives a guy.”

AI: If you were to wake up as Superman, would you go back to bed and hope to wake up as Batman?

“Well, my first instinct would be to go back to bed and pray it was a nightmare. But over time I’ve learnt to love both because they represent the dualities of life, like light and darkness. In recent years I’ve began to accommodate both light and dark and realized they are both different shades of the same thing.
I don’t think the film (apart from Man of Steel and the Christopher Reeves films) and comics have done superman enough justice because there’s so much this character represents. He is sort of a Messianic figure and a child of two worlds, krypton and earth, just the way messianic figures like Moses (Egypt & Israel) and Jesus (Heaven and Earth) were. Batman on the other hand is a hero like Lucifer, misunderstood because he brought knowledge to the world and he challenges people to explore all knowledge. He is portrayed as this dark and elemental being (like a bat), but batman just like Lucifer, works against established authority to bring light to world.”

AI: Your music inspiration, does it come from modern or older bands?

“My music inspiration comes from across the board. I enjoy the old bands like Black Sabbath, Accept and Judas Priest but I also like sampling what the new bands are trying to do with metal. I don’t limit myself to metal and the rock culture and I try to draw inspiration from everything including Jazz, Taarab and traditional music from Kenya and elsewhere.”

AI: Whats your take on downloading of music rather than buying albums, we get this is a touchy topic but you view on this wont hurt right?

“I feel the digital generation has lost something truly special. When you buy a physical album, you develop a sort of primal love to the record, almost as one would have for their own child. I listened to the ParkingLotGrass album online before it was released. I loved it then, but I double love it now that I bought a physical copy. So much so that I wake up at night just to check on it in with the fear that it might disappear.”

AI:  Name two Lust of a Dying Breed songs you love.

“My picks would definitely be “cat of nine tails” from the EP with the same name. I don’t believe I’ve heard vocals so terrifying and resolute at the same time. It’s really heavy. My second love has to be “Divine Design”. It’s insane man.”

So, that’s the talk from the mystery man himself. For much more on anything LOADB, you are already at the one good place. Be sure to catch the part 3 tomorrow folks.


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