Let’s Visit The Metal Maun Village in Botswana


Maun is a village in Bostwana that has grown over the years from a rural village to become the fifth largest town in Botswana. It is the tourism center of Botswana. It is a village where there is wildlife, ranches, tall trees, even the popular Okavango Delta which has attracted foreigners from far and near to view the sights.

We aren’t here to talk about the local history of the town, ARE WE?


\M/etal History then

Maun Village is the center of the Botswanian metal rock scene. Look at it as the center of the universe only on the Botswanian soil. As you might have realized by now, not only white people listen to Metal music, we Black Africans also listen to Metal music, even though it’s still developing in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia etc. At least, we can say there is a village in Botswana where they dress like hardcore cowboys and armed machine men. They seem like they are going for war all in the name of metal, the god of Metal Rock Music bless these guys.


So we putting Maun Village as the forefront focus of metal rock music here. Botswanian metallic royalties such as Overthrust, Skinflint, Amok, Remuda and other bands still coming up,we can only wish them a good year and the best in what they do. Let them eat metal and fart thunder and lightning. Metal has been in the Botswanian scene as far back as the 70s, bands like Demote and many other bands did Metal covers for songs.


It’s only in Maun village you’ll find cowboys walking on the streets with their metal belts, you see them rocking their leather pants, spiky jackets and big boots and their cowboy skull hats

Wait. Did I just say Cowboy skull hats?


THE WAY THEY DRESS!!! Yes, the way they dress, it caught my eyes. The cowboy hats, the long spiky boots, spiky jackets, the death metal tees. These guys are brutal, very brutal. Some brutal metal lifestyle is embedded inside of them, and that’s how it is supposed to be.


NOW WHAT COULD BE MORE METAL THAN THAT!! Bless you guys once more.


I’ve gone through great length to get this picture. Are you seeing what I’m seeing, guys?

Well I’m seeing a heavy chain, maybe one of those used to chain the Khaleesi’s dragons and he is wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, hail the Iron Maidens, Bruce and his Clan would be proud.

Now can you tell me where in the world you would see this kind of art, to me it’s art, maybe to you it’s madness or hard labour.

If you want to see all this vicious displays of the metal lifestyle, enter a plane to Botswana and make a stop at Maun Village. Rock and Roll is their culture, it’s how they were brought up.

I should try that, drag some metal chains in the street and listen to some Dinmu Borgir while at it. Think of it as a gym exercise. Imagine guys that walk in coordinated lines wearing metal armour in the streets chanting metal songs all day. No surprises why tourists and foreigners come to Maun village to see this incredible piece of art. During their gigs, most of these cowboys stay outside and display their metal lifestyle ranging from dancing and chanting metal songs. As you can imagine, it has attracted journalists from all over the world and it has helped their music get attention.


First, when I heard that this brutal metal-heads walk in lines during a gig, I thought it was a possession of some kind by a terminator spirit, but I learnt it’s just a lifestyle that they have built over the years.

I understood there are two types of rockers in the Maun Village namely:

The Aggressive ones(Cowboys);  These fellas, you have to be careful with them because they use vulgar language all the way and they are well equipped if you know what I mean.

Up to Date ones(Non Cowboys); These fellas, are not stuck with the cowboy boots and clothing, but they’re up to date with their Metal songs.

Bands like Overthrust (an ARMA winner) and Skinflint have attracted interviews from BBC news who wanted to learn more about the metal music scene in Botswana. The Botswana Metal lords Overthrust, maintain a certain amount of discipline while executing their thunderous growls and brain bleeding metal songs. On stage, they are disciplined and their persona is the metal itself.

Let’s not forget Skinflint, one of the bands I’ve come to love and respect in terms of their sounds, lyrics and videos. Their parents are also one of the oldest band in Botswana, the ‘Nosey Road‘. The S’brana family are just awesome, everyone in that family is talented.


Okay, I had to pull some serious strings to talk to the front-man of Remuda, Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane, note that these guys are not always mobile, I still had to reach him because he is the one to talk to concerning Maun village.

AudioInferno: So can you tell me about Maun Village.

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane: 

Maun is the supply point for tourist destinations in the country, also it has one of the busiest airport in Africa! It’s a lively place, full of people from different parts of the world, guess that’s what makes it unique! It’s a small town, about 60,000 people. It’s a lot this side, seeing as the whole country is about about 2 million people…

AudioInferno: Busiest airport, which airport is that?

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane:

Maun Airport, it’s like the fifth largest in Africa.

AudioInferno: Was the Rock scene in Maun village during your school days?

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane:

The Rock music scene has always been there. I found it already existing, my uncle was listening to it as far back as the seventies! They say it was brought by Game hunters back then, most people in Maun work in the Tourist business, so it was easier to get music from people coming from outside..

AudioInferno: So about the rockers, Dumisani Matiha from Bankrupt Souls told me there are two types of rockers we find in the street namely The Aggressive ones and the Calm ones?

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane: 

Well, aggressive in terms of how they portray themselves, you know, like acting out a tough movie part with their chains, spikes, animal skulls, rakes and garden forks! Not to people. And the Calm ones? Guess he’s talking bout himself… Just kidding. We mix drama and music.

AudioInferno: So which one are you?

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane: 

The Cool one! You won’t see me dragging a chain on the street, or putting on a leather jacket with 3 skulls from dogs! Hahaha. I’m with Dumisani Matiha on this one.


Dumisani Matiha and Cachari Cochize are the 2 metal-heads in the middle

AudioInferno: The ones that do drag chains on the street, bruh, those guys are so metal!

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane: 

Yeah! Those walks, like four of them walking single file, each to his robotic walk, like a Terminator or something. We did a show on the 26th of December last year at the Stadium, there was a motorcade from there and the town came to a standstill. The dressing, chains, leather and spikes, it was a sight worth seeing.

AudioInferno: Have you watched ‘Okove’ by Skinflint?

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane: 

Yeah, they did a live video in Maun. We recorded an eight track album at their studio.

AudioInferno: Awesome, I just knew it was Maun they shot the video because that killer in the video wore killer boots, and looks like Gun-smoker in your scene.

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane: 

Yeah, here Rock Music is taken seriously. So many people are saying it’s a religious movement! All in all, we don’t get in trouble with the law because we’re the most disciplined compared with other music fans, our shows are usually crime free.

AudioInferno: So they even have cars they pimp?

Cachari Cochize Mocuminyane: Motorbikes, 1200cc! Big, loud machines. Cars, they leave them as they are, maybe put a sticker or paint Gothic things on them.


Metal Paintings on the car

That’s one hell of a painting, we do it the African style. The names they also give themselves are harshly deep, imagine a name like Dead Demon-rider and more vicious names. I should be in the Maun village soonest for a documentary and moshing in the pits with the metal-heads. Also I’ll need a name, hmmm… let’s say, Asgaardian Melodic Death Metal Lord! (Editor’s Note: That’s a pretty long name)


Wheels of Fire

I know after reading this article, you will be talking about how these guys are Satanists but it’s just a culture thing, I’m going to be interviewing one of the Botswanian aggressive rockers soonest so he will shed some light on this, stay tuned and rock on.

Keep supporting your local bands!


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