[Press Release] The Isomers Set To Release The Valentine EP



The Isomers are an Abuja based Alternative rock band formed in 2012. An Isomer is a compound with the same chemical formula but different molecular structure; a befitting name for the explosive combination of Rock/Alternative (Seun), Blues (Mou), Folk/Indie (Isaac) and Soul/Hiphop/RnB (Monlee). The Isomers were in Lagos to perform at last year’s Rocktober Festival at the Freedom Park and they wowed the crowd at the event with their stunning performance. The also release their debut self-titled EP last year. A six-track EP that would remind you of classic rock bands. For more information about the band visit their website www.theisomersmusic.com and follow them on their different social media accounts The Isomers Music.

This year again, The Isomers is proud to announce the release of their second Extended Play titled “The Valentine EP”. The Extended Play is set to be released during a concert at the Classic Rock Café, Abuja on the 13th of February, 2016 and worldwide on digital distribution platforms such as ITunes, Amazon a few hours after the show. The Valentine EP is described mystical guitar driven rush of an experience that narrates the different stages of emotional connection as seen through the eyes of each band member. Lead Singer Seun Daniel states “The EP is a reflection of our individual experiences with love, it’s a collection of deeply personal stories and definitely our most intimate release to date. Our fans won’t be disappointed some might even run out of their cars screaming with excitement”


The Valentine EP Cover

The EP was produced by band member Monlee in Abuja.

I know a few people that consider The Isomers as one of the best rock bands in Nigeria and I’m sure they are pretty stoked about this EP release. So guys, lets support our very own domestic band The Isomers as they release their second EP. If you’re in Abuja, save the date 13th February, 2016 at the Classic Rock Cafe where they will officially be releasing the EP to the public.


Keep rocking and supporting your local bands… \m/


Seyi Obe

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