Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Sayed Ragai of Sinprophecy


This time around on our Thursday Thoughts With playlist, we’re heading to Egypt with Sayed Ragai of Sinprophecy! Sinprophecy is an Egyptian Melodic Death Metal band, which is my best genre. He is the lead vox of the band and the organizer for one the well-known Metal events in Egypt “Walls Of Death.” To know more about this, click HERE. Anyway, let’s jump right into Sayed’s playlist of his favourite videos:

So enjoy his top 5

Second Chance by Shinedown

The perfect sync and harmony between the video’s idea and the concept of the lyrics is amazing for me, as it explains what you would sacrifice just to reach your dreams regardless what your family and society could think or say about it, specially that part in the lyrics that says sometime goodbye is a second chance, which is something I’ve been through on a personal level, that’s why this song and video as well are close to me.

Bother by StoneSour

For me this video summed up the idea of someone young but yet still feels that he’s very old, and can’t do anything or enjoy life because of the tons of burdens he has to carry. He’s even wishing for his day to come just to leave this cruel world behind.

Rooms and Shadows by Swallow the Sun

A perfect mix between dark beautiful music and decent lyrics pouring into a perfect shape which is this video. You can feel and see the regret and the mourning of death, the despair and loss, especially the last part of the video.  Seriously it givers me the shivers and goosebumps. Simply it’s the beauty of Dark Art that always comes from Swallow The Sun.

Holy War by Thy Art is Murder

A piece of brutal art, very intense and realistic with perfect lyrics. It fits the heavy music and the video just sums up everything regardless of the current situation of the world, and those filthy pigs hypocrites that hide behind the name of religion to reach their dirty aims and use it as weapon to justify killing and blind-side the people, and especially the narrow-minded that always follow anything under the name of religion without even thinking for 1 minute about it.

Unsteady by X Ambassadors

This video is more than awesome but the most amazing thing about it is the split scenes and match cuts, it gives an amazing atmosphere and it helps you relate with story board, the lyrics and the music which is all talking about addiction and specifically alcohol addiction, and how being an alcoholic person could affect you and the people around you who love you. It’s explaining how harmful it is in a very simple way .

Stay tuned to AudioInferno as we will be talking about their second single from their upcoming album. Support your local bands always \mm/


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