New Album Alert: Tunis Band Persona Releases their Debut Album ‘Elusive Reflections’ Today

Fact, Tunisia has a ton of bands, A TON. Shame on us for not covering them all and shame on you for not searching on your own but with us covering you wont have to search far and wide yes? That’s why we are here isn’t it? We are sorry.

Queue the klaxon people, we have a new album on our hands. Persona has graced us with the release of their debut new album, Elusive Reflections today and we have given it a listen (we admit we put that there to make folks feel a bit jealous but what can we say, we love getting these albums) and be sure to check out our review next week. You surely will remember Persona, they won the Best Metal Video of our maiden award, ARMA. Yea, same band.

It’s super nice to have a band finally release a debut album. We hope there’ll be more albums coming from Tunisia and we will be hoping to bring you folks the news about that. We wont tease you guys too much but we do have a video of the single from the album. From where we are it’s safe to say Persona has a thing for making really good music videos. which is great really seeing as everyone wants a video these days; great way to make the fans want more if you ask us:

WE will be looking to score a video interview with the band as soon as we can too. So, we will be providing more information about where to nick the album guys. In the main time we ask you to stalk their Facebook page for more information. As far as we can tell it’s the band’s go to place for recent developments and be sure to like the page too. For everything Persona and more, you are at the right place already.


UPDATE: Here is the link to the album guys. We chose not to share it on the site simply because we wanted you to explore their bandcamp page. Click HERE to be transported…

(Note: doesnt asume credit for the pictures used in this article, all credit goes to the bands and photographer(s))


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