AudioInferno Valentine Podcast Special


Yea you know we were gonna make one of these here. It was bound to happen someway. It’s the season of love and we seem to have caught that bug that some of you seem to keep swatting repeatedly. What are scared of any way, take a chance people. For us this is the season to share so we are sharing a couple of lovey-lovey songs. Some, from bands you probably wont expect, that’s all part of the surprise and package really.

As per usual, I took songs from my pool of randomity (Not a real word but i’m gonna trademark it soon enough so I get paid for every usage. But if someone beat me to it then I’m in big trouble and I definitely owe someone money) and these songs are as random as they come when put together, check it:

  1. Low Man’s Lyric’s -by- Metallica
  2. The End of Heartache -by- Killswitch Engage
  3. N.I.B. -by- Black Sabbath
  4. November Rain -by- Gun ‘N Roses
  5. Running Back -by- Thin Lizzy
  6. Love Me Forever -by- Motorhead 
  7. Blue Sky -by- The Allman Brothers Band

Told you, totally random. If I could pick a stand out song here folks, I’d go with the very last song on the podcast. Why? well, let just say there’s a solo in there you don’t want to skip. Putting it this way, if Love could speak to you it’ll be through the solo. Enjoy folks, leave a comment and let us know your favorite Rock love song, Metal or whatever, doesn’t matter at this point really.

Keep your love alive, cheers.


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