Love stories told with the help of ROCK SONGS

Okay, the title is kinda long and needs a lot of work but hey. Welcome to AI. And do enjoy this not-so-short crappy rom-com influenced story told with the help of rock songs… Enjoy.

It was another one of those days. You know the ones that starts out like any other day. Your mood is neither here nor there and your world feels underwhelming. That’s how I felt. Oh, hi. I’m Osamudiame. You can call me Osa’.
So yeah. Here I was having one of those days I described in the line above while I was getting ready for work. Once I was done. I quickly got out of the house to catch the staff bus heading to work. I’d tell you where I work but that won’t change the impact of the story so I’ll just skip that. I was being my usual, not too social, moody self, with earphones plugged in, with the volume on 10…

When I noticed this young, well dressed lady sitting two rows in front of me. ( yes i’ll notice a lady who I’ve never seen in the staff bus before.) Anyway, I noticed a new female human and something caught my eye. She had a ring and an armband on. Sure ladies wear accessories but yo this arm band had a skull on it. And I’m think “nah Maybe she’s just trying to be edgy.” So we finally get to work and I take the earphones off (my least favorite thing to do by the way) and then the new girls phone rings. Yes people get phone calls all the time but it’s the song that she used as her ring tone that got to me

(start from 1:35 min mark)

FREAKIN MYRATH. !! “How does this babe know Myrath?” So you know I was gonna be on that girls case. And I was gonna bring my A game. Anyway …Lost sight of her when we entered the office building blah blah blah, asked around about who the new girl was yada yada yada… Okay lets skip the boring stuff. She worked in finance. I was in IT and our department offices are floors apart so I didn’t see her again till it was close of work when we were all getting on the staff bus and u know me,  I didn’t dull. I sat right next to her and then I came to a realization ..this babe cute die…and I burst into song yo! Disney musical style.

(from 1:19 min)

Actually no I didn’t sing the song out loud and tell her she was so pretty and I was “feeling” her …no..that’s just, no. So I said hi, opened with the whole “so Myrath’s Tales of Sand as ringtone. Whats up with that?” Okay what I said was cooler. I just cant remember what. Was in the moment you know. I know I mentioned the ringtone in my opening line so anyway. She was surprised I knew her Tunisian folk metal band. “Yeah. got their whole Tales of the Sand album.”  She was so ecstatic. Apparently she didn’t have the whole album just a couple of songs. Well the whole album was on my phone so I played a couple of the songs she didn’t have for her. You know how it is. Just kept talking and talking about all the bands we jammed and then boom! My stop. So I had to say goodnight. So down I came from the bus and needless to say, I was happy!!

Yup. Mosh pit breakdown happy. Pop happy wouldn’t be enough. You see I’m kinda reserved at work and most people there think rock is noise so half the time when they want to go for parties and hang I just say “no thanks” and go home. Now I had a comrade in arms yo.

So fast forward: it’s been over a month since, Funke (Her name’s Funke by the way) and I started talking, swapping music, etc. The more I talked to her, the more connected I felt and her story, not so pretty. she lost her dad when she was really young, mom was a house wife so she didn’t have her own source of income. And her only sibling, her older bro, like waaaay older was unemployed for a time. So money was hard. Funke was one of the bright ones in class so the school decided to give her scholarship when they found out why her mom and brother couldn’t pay the fees for the term. So yeah over time her mom got a job (she had a degree but quit work some years after her brother was born). so eventually, Funke graduated from secondary school, got admission into the university, graduated, served. You know, the usual stuff graduates here in Nigeria go through before entering the labour market. Now she was working with my firm.. Okay not MY firm but you get my drift. Anyway we kept talking and talking and I kept falling for her even more and one day I made up my mind; I was going to ask her out.

On that front I will admit I had bad timing. The staff bus we took broke down and she was supposed to spear head a meeting in her department. You know fincance stuff. she was worried since they were reporting to some potential investors and…well basically her unintended tardiness had the potential to drive away potential business partners. I knew all this yet I just kept thinking. If I don’t ask her out now, I might not get the chance, or the liver/courage again. So….I asked…Needless to say…she didn’t take it well.

(Editor’s note: Buahahahahahahahahahahahah.. haha.)

Oh, I just realized, I didn’t explain why she didn’t just take public transport. You see,  it was July and we worked in Lagos and we were on the 3rd mainland bridge and it was raining. The buses weren’t stopping too so that was a bust.
The rain was really something though. Driver could barely check to see what was wrong.

Anyway, bus gets fixed, awkward silence the rest of the way. Yeah. I messed up. And I was stuck there, sitting next to her fuming and worrying and thinkin

“She f##king hates me” right now. 

Yup the chorus of that song, not the whole chorus but the hook, really describes how I felt SHE FELT. Anyway, we got down from the bus, she ran into the office building, I just walked in slowly, feeling horrible. Good thing work wasn’t needlessly stressful or I’d have lost it. So the days over. and its back to staff bus. I wasn’t looking forward to it for obvious reasons. And I got on the bus just to find out she wasn’t on it. Eventually the bus left and she wasn’t on it still. At least I didn’t have to endure another awkward bus ride.

So the next morning, I got on the bus (this getting on bus line is getting old huh? Well tough titty for you, my story) and Funke’s not on it. I didnt get any message from her over the night and I didn’t try to ask how she was doing well, because, you now. Anyway I found me a seat.  Just as the bus starts moving I hear someone approaching. I look up to see Funke.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hi.” She replied and She sits down.

I’m sorta nervous but then she says she’s sorry for blowing a fuse and stuff. I told get I understood and I know my timing sucked and like that we got to talking again. She even made a joke or two about my impeccably bad timing. It was all good then just as the bus is about to enter the office building. “So osa, now that we’re talking and stuff, wouldn’t it be a good time to ask me out? I’m going out of my way to say this because your timing sucks ass, just saying”. So I shake my head in embarrassment then asked her out.

You know I kinda thought it would be unprofessional since we work in the same company. I swear my heart was about to implode, when she suddenly started laughing hysterically. “I HATE you.” I said. She keeps laughing then the bus stops at the park and as we’re getting down she says “I’d love to.”

“Love to what?” I asked.

“Go out on the date with you, silly clueless boy”
she laughs as we walk into the office building and into the elevator.

“where’re we going?” I asked

“I’m not sure, i hadn’t thought that far yet.” Was her reply. Then she sighed. At least she didn’t laugh. And with a smile on her face, she says to make up my mind and bbm her the plans for “tonight”. Wait what? and then she gets off the elevator on the floor where here department is and waves by as the elevator doors close.

So, yeah. I’d asked Funke out. Asked around my department for a place a guy could go out to eat for a date. So the guys told me about this pizza place…


Pizza? For a first date? Well what can I say people, I’m actually that awesome.

So after work, we met at the ground floor, skipped the bus heading back to mainland and went for our first (pizza) date.



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