Your Indie Rock Playlist for your Valentine

So, I wrote a sappy love story with rock songs as interludes. It’s not perfect and the idea has it’s issues but hey, it’s unique. I have another story i want to write and a playlist for people who either don’t have a valentine, only care about the love of God on this valentine, people who recently lost someone, people who were cheated on and the relationship ended.

CRUSH by Aidan Hawken

A Crush. This is where Love starts right? NO? I Don’t Believe in Love at first sight. Argue with your shadow. I Believe it starts slow, with maybe a crush, a palpitating flimsy Infatuation, then grows or Fades. Fades mostly. Especially if no action is taken by the wimp.
But a crush can make someone go from being really VERY interested to a Pro-Stalker. Unfortunately, that’s the level Aidan Hawken is at in this song. He knows her every move, her friends, goes to see her without her consent. It is a great song with a very melodic awesome Acoustic guitar touch.


This is actually my favorite song from Ariel Pink’s 2014 album “Pom Pom”. It is always a Big first step when you get the number of that person you really like. Take the number then build from there. Hey! Check if that number is on Whatsapp!!! Because we NEVER call. Don’t worry, Neither did Ariel. It was the girl he met at the Taco truck that called first; as we can hear her sultry voice over the voicemail. The lyrical flexing in this song is unreal and poetic like this line – “Cause what would tame this gypsy heart but fruits from fresh on Vine? Your luscious lips entice me to discover”
This Band is also very weird. Very Creepy. I Love them!

 I NEED MY GIRL by The National

It is very hard for me to find one spot-on meaning for this beautiful song besides the obvious that the lad just needs his Girl. Not A Girl. HIS GIRL. It seems like he is far away from her at the moment and he Reminisces about the time they shared together? – “Remember when you lost your shit and Drove the car into the garden, And you got out and said I’m sorry to the Vines and no one saw it…” (What a Sweet girl!) Or Is it maybe about love that nobody supports, nobody agrees with, but still he needs her…. “He’s under the gun”, “he’s grounded” OR they are separated?. Well, Well! This Is the sort of stuff that brilliant songs are made of. This is an awesome love song!


The Emotional weight of this song can break Ronda Rousey’s solid sexy back *wink*
This aching refreshing acoustic plea finds Lykke Li entreating her lover to love her like “I’m not made of stone.”
“made of stone” here could mean – “With No Emotions” The Swedish beauty might also mean to portray that she doesn’t want to be treated like an object. We all know how much women hate to be objectified. According to an Article by The Sun, It is the initial demo take of the song we hear in the album, and she chose not to edit it. In her own words: “When I’m singing it for the first time in its full form. It’s like I’m still trying to make sense of it, like two bodies making love for the first time.”
Li added. “It was fully cathartic as you can hear in the bridge, it really gets to my soul and heart. Love ain’t easy.”
I totally Agree.

TRUE LOVE by Coldplay

I am not even going to dwell on this wonderful song because it is even kind of embarrassing to me. Love is such an unfair monster. He knows that she probably doesn’t love him but he begs to be lied to. The lie will give some sort of sick comfort or solace to his deluded, foolish love struck heart. From another milder angle, love has gone sour, but he refuses to let go. They both pretend like everything is okay. Congratulations Chris Martin! you just played yourself.

A TOAST AT YOUR DOOR by Nathaniel Walcott & Mike Mogis Feat. Big Harp

Soundtrack to the Romantic-Comedy movie Stuck In Love, this Indie Folk song is just about plain devotion, faithfulness and Contentment in the sweet embrace of love. “I don’t need no roof… And I don’t need no walls. I need you. And that’s all.”
That’s all

LOVE LOVE LOVE by Of Monsters And Men

In this Song I can hear two Acoustic guitars, One Accordion, One Synth keyboard and the Sweet voice of Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir, and it is Orgasmic bliss! God bless the bands from Iceland!
She knows he is madly in love with her, but she cannot love him back, maybe because she is still hurting from lost love. Maybe he has a chance with her because she fondly remembers when he once Held her – “The way you held me so tight, all through the night, ‘Till it was near morning”.


I can’t even resist to say that Keane is one of my favourite bands. This is hands down, the best song from the album “Strangeland”. I Love the energy and Intensity plus the Compelling rich voice of Tom Chaplin. Song reminds me of “Somewhere Only We Know”.
Those of us who have fallen in and out of love know that it gets to that point where you just know that there is “An Invisible wall between…” There is a disconnection and it hurts. You try to mend broken ties but most times you are both long gone. It takes Sacrifice and maybe “Marriage” to keep such a relationship together. Marriage hardly enough these days. Love is not all Rosy is it?

 LOVE IS GREED by Passion Pit

Track 10 from Passion Pit’s album Gossamer, this one is a rather controversial song. But it is very real.
This song is about how searching for love just because you are lonely and depressed is rather selfish. Most times it ends in Disaster. Are you not a Greedy asshole if you rush into a relationship just because it temporarily fills the void of loneliness in your life? Even if the person you fall for is not exactly right for you. You are confused my friend! You love the companionship and the feeling of not being lonely. You are indirectly using the person or maybe the person is also using you. You just love yourself and will do what is best for you. Quote from the song – “If we really love ourselves how do you love somebody else”?

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT by Cage The Elephant

He is frustrated with the person he is in love with. He wishes she could just make up her mind and stop leading him on or playing the mind games. I can totally relate to this. From the song story I can sense that maybe she wants him but she is doing that mysterious “Girl Thing” that even Angels in Heaven don’t understand.
I love the sarcastic touch added to the song in the sense that it is a totally danceable song with a vintage 70s touch.

This post is written by Franklin Okanu and he can be reached on social media via twitterTwitter: Franklingooner(@chumfranklin)



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