Sinprophecy drops second Single and talks about Upcoming album


Sinprophecy is a Melodic Death/Doom Metal band from Cairo, Egypt formed in 2009. They are the very first band to play that genre in Egypt. The name of the band was based on a concept that everyone is a sinner but in his/her own way. We are all committing sins and there is no exceptions, it’s an instinct in the human race and that’s what you can see in the band’s lyrical theme which is mainly about (Sin, Humanity, Dark Fantasy, Despair, Inner Struggles).

They have been in the Egyptian metal scene for a long time now and here they talk about their upcoming début album which is titled ‘Sacrifice and Redemption’. This would be their very first studio album, though they have released 2 albums in their live shows. 

“The concept of the album ‘Sacrifice and Redemption’ and the lyrics was written by our vocalist “Sayed Ragai”. The whole album is talking about war, but from the perspective of different people, the one who betrayed his friends, the one who lost his father, the one who lost his beloved ones, the rebellion one who stood against the tyrant ….etc. But all the stories are pouring in the same pot, as it’s all related – Sayed Ragai

Listen to their First single ‘Summoning’ HERE  you Sinners, apparently that is what their fans are called, well everyone is a sinner so…

Heard!! So let’s briefly talk about the Second Single ‘Tears of a Sinner’
The lyrics of this track and the band’s songs as well, are written by their vocalist “Sayed Ragai” and it was recorded & engineered at Vibe Studios, The Sound Engineer was Yousef Ahmad Mixing & Mastering was done by Moanis Salem.
So I had a chance to talk to Sayed Ragai the vox of the band
AI: What does the lyrics mean to you ?
Sayed Ragai: It is  talking about a traitor who betrayed his friends and you can say he sold his soul to the devil, just to guarantee a good place in the upcoming empire of the tyrant, so he ended up in a cell locked behind bars cursing and blaming himself while his conscience is killing him slowly.
you sinner!!! Listen HERE to ‘Tears of a Sinner’.
One thing I noticed about the Egyptian Metal Scene is that the metal bands are blamed for Satanism, it’s not cool and it limits musicians from playing music, it happens everywhere even in my country, Nigeria. We haven’t started playing metal, and we are getting called different names. When we start playing metal, what is it gonna be like?
Their album will be released soon, watch this space for updates on the album release. Stay tuned for more updates from them, you can watch their live videos on their youtube page and listen to their songs on their soundcloud page.
 Rock on and keep supporting your local bands \m/


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