(Album Review) Elusive Reflections by Persona


“The solo is the way to a metal head’s heart.”

You know, many folks aren’t lucky with their début albums. Some miss out pretty fast on that introductory album. Some focus too much on perfection which is understandable and at the very same time screw a lot of things up. So much pressure really. We are usually critical of first albums here at AudioInferno.com simply because we know it’s with these albums, bands define their sounds and their tone. So, usually we are assholes about what should be or shouldn’t be. However, make no mistake people, we aren’t lords over albums or singles, we are first and foremost, fans and we will talk smack like fans.

To tell you the truth, we won’t be talking too much smack about this here début album. So at this point it’s safe to assume we love the album. Persona, a band hailing from Tunisia, has a thing or two to say about their kind of music and we are listening and so should everyone else. Elusive Reflections is what a début album should be: almost perfect. Now you’re probably asking why “almost perfect,” well the answer isn’t as strange as you’d expect. Thing is, we often see bands struggle with topping their earlier works and that usually leads to things like change of style, line up or change of everything. It’s an unnecessary pressure bands need to avoid and Persona did so with ease.


Jumping right into the album, the stand out songs are Blinded, Monster, Ageless, He Kills Me More. Well for me that is. Other songs will strike you different. Trust me when I say there’s something for everyone here in. It’s actually amazing how they pulled that off. When you get hold of the album you get ten songs to love. You know this album can double as a party album, too. I definitely will play this in a car on a long ass trip.

Confession here, I really want to name names and praise individuals in the group but I feel that could take a little something away from everyone in the band… However, I’m a sucker for SOLOS and I will tell you the real star of the album has to be every solo in every song. No solo feels too long, too short or too badly placed or unnecessary, it’s just gold. Every solo you encounter, gold. Melik Melek Khelifa can be considered a prime candidate when voting for an African Guitar God. Time will tell, wouldn’t it?

P.S – Watch out for the solo in the song Monster, It’s killer.

Now, my only problem with the album is that the riffs, mostly the main riffs seemed a bit weak. Now I am sure to get a lot of sticks and stones thrown at me for that there but in a way, the weak riffs are a victim of all the good solos. Perhaps more focus was put on the soloing than the main riffs. Metal fans connect with main riffs before the solo, so, I won’t be offering apologies for my comments on that. However, it’s easily overlook-able so, no real damage done.

Elusive Reflection is a must have. What better way can I put it. It’s a bright spark from the northern part of Africa and we here at AudioInferno.com can only imagine what else eludes us up there.

Final Verdict:


Be sure to buy the album in the Bandcamp link above. It’s super worth it and remember that these bands need all the support they can get! Support your local rock bands and rock on \m/

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