Panti Thug Mystery Releases their EP

12742141_1706866746196496_1213726441461580825_nMore bands with their respectively genres continue to spring up in the South African rock music scene, and that’s great stuff. Panti Thug Mystery is a Garage/Grunge rock band that hails from Johannesburg, a three man band which consists of Geoffrey Drama – Vocals/ Guitar, G Word – Bass/Guitar/ Vocals, Christian “Bale” Van Renen – Drums/Vocals.
It seems everyone does vocals in this band, that’s another great stuff, whenever I hear the word Grunge, there is only one band that comes to mind and that is Alice in Chains. Feel free to comment on this article, whenever you hear Grunge, what band comes to mind?

The band fully started in July, 2015 and these guys are playing their first gig in October 2016, so I am gonna be asking Greg some questions.

AI: How did you guys meet up ?

Greg: Well it was started by Jeff and it as a ‘fuck around’ band. We work at the same company so we just started jamming and then we really started having fun with the sound and it started to get a lot of attention, so it can’t really be called a side project. In terms of genre you could call it Garage/Grunge rock, but there’s a lot of other influences, from indie to electro, acoustic to metal. We have a very broad appreciation of music so we like to experiment. Everything in this band happened very quickly and easily. The first day Jeff and I had a jam, it ended up with us writing a song. The next day we put out an advert for a drummer and Chris replied almost instantly, he came that same day for an audition and he just knew exactly what to play. I’ve never played with a drummer who just knows instinctively when to play the right beat at the right time.


That’s great stuff there, you forming a band in a blink of an eye with the right people, so we are going to be talking about their first Single ‘Junky’ off their recently released EP.

AI: Can you tell me everything there is to know about ‘Junky‘ ?

Greg: Well the song was written on the bass guitar by G-Word (myself). I’m actually a guitarist so I play the bass as if I’m playing a normal guitar. Then when I showed the song to the band, Geoffrey Drama added the guitar melodies and heaviness which worked hand in hand with the way Christian Bale builds up everything on the drums. The song is inspired by Heroin Junky’s. The bass intro and soft guitars are intended to give the listener a ‘heavy’ drugged up feeling which builds up and breaks into the chorus which spirals out of control in the same way that your life does with addiction. Geoffrey Drama then wrote the lyrics to paint the picture. The Junky theme is also a metaphor for how society has become addicted to all the bullshit that mainstream media and politicians shove down everyones throat.

The song was recorded live as a band (the whole song in one take) at Pop Planet Studios by Marius Brouwer, to know more about this studio, visit their facebook page here

We are going to be reviewing this track and hey you can listen to their new released EP ‘The Junky sessions’. Greg which also goes by the name G word happens to be a member of Lesuth, a South African black metal band.

Listen here

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