Band of the month: Lust of a dying Breed (Part 3 Interview)


Hello folks, so we are back again with our last part of this interview which you all know Lust of a dying breed (Kenya) was our band of the month, hey we are still in February, there is a +1 this year for the month of February so we said we are going to let you know why Lordbloodlust wears his mask.


It doesnt matter who I am behind the mask. What matters is my plan, the idea behind the image I portray. The truth is great, by the aura of mystery is even more tantalising for fans and even the media.The mask itself i chose it because it was creepy. The corpse paint also achieves the same thing. For me I think, people need these ‘dramatic examples’ to shake them out of apathy. And as a symbol of something dramatic I believe that aside from music, this aura of mystery can help our own scene shaken up. And as the mask, as bloodlust, i can go where the man behind the mask can never go. I can be controversial, incorruptible.As Martin Kanja, Kare Maina as Bizzaro as a man I can be destroyed.Anyone can take on this mantle. As lord bloodlust I am a phantom, I am everlasting.

So now you know the reason behind the Mask so let’s get back to the last segment of this Interview


AI: The music industry of today, how do you view it?

There’s a lot I wish would change. The media doesn’t do enough to promote good music, and I feel that there’s sort of musical cartel that’s taken a strangle hold of these media houses, and they just continue to breed and flood the market with stuff that isn’t very creative. I’ve come to love the underground, even for music beyond metal. That’s where the true gems lie. Not what the media portrays.But its not bad, with the advent of blogs and social media, bands can reach out to more audiences from all over the world at just the click of the button, so you’re not limited to great amount of garbage peddled by the suits and weaves behind mainstream media.

AI: Any bands you have seen live?

I haven’t seen enough bands, bands should really perform more. I hope that in the near future bands from other parts of the continent will start touring within Africa because these little scenes are just lying fallow literally begging to accommodate them. The state of our economies and low regard for indigenous music hasn’t helped the situation either. I don’t know why a ticket to watch B.O.B in Nairobi or Cannibal Corpse in Pretoria would cost more than what they pay a single local band to play a show. Its really sad.In Kenya we’ve only hosted Boargazm and Skinflint but they were really intense and professional both of them. Locally I’ve watched Void of Belonging, Rash, Irony Destroyed, Last year tragedy, ParkingLotGrass, Mortal Soul, Rash, Deowa, SVNL,the list is endless.

AI:  So how did you feel when you entered Lust of a Dying Breed?

Absolutely thrilled, I’ve wanted to tell all my friends and family about it but Im trying to remain anonymous for my stage persona so Ive had to maintain lots of discretion going forward.

AI: Did you get to audition?

There wasn’t an audition really. We were just hanging out at David Mburu’s place with Martin and Bizzaro and Jose (LYT guitarist) and a friend of mine. And the established vocalists like Bizarro were just testing out the mics doing a couple of covers. I was super stoned and I am sure as hell cant remember what song was playing. So when Bizarro took a break from the mics I just went into the room and starting singing to a Paramore song and the rest as they like to say is history. After that Martin was convinced that he’d seen a sign and I had to join him on vocals.

AI: So why Lord Bloodlust, any reason for that name?

Dude, the name was pretty random. It was conceived in a place in my mind that I don’t have a lot of control over. It just conceived itself, I had no hand in it. When Martin said we should announce me joining the band, he suggested I pick a name with Lord as a prefix and it just came to me. The result was something that is brutal and sort of rhymes with Lust of a Dying Breed.

AI: So tell your viewers what to expect from you.

I’d tell them to expect lots of surprises. Like my audience, this is also a journey for me. I expect my ship to travel far, but I don’t know what to expect over the next glen or how the bow of this ship will ride the waves. That being said, I have my own plans for the band. I bleed sentimentality and rage at the same time and I hope to bring that beautifully antagonistic blend to the band.

So that’s it guys, be sure to check part 1  here and part 2 here and anticipate Pyramid Entities album

Keep rocking, stay tuned to Audioinferno and support your local bands \m/


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