Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia Brutal Metal song covers

If you cherish slamming brutal metal, the kind of metal that breaks neck, then you in a ride with ‘Vulvodynia’. Its funny what these guys call themselves, because the name Vulvodynia is also associated with a chronic pain condition situated in and around the vagina without an identifiable cause.  These guys are a South African brutal death metal band, their lyrical themes center around gore, murder, sexual perversion, destruction, corruptions and the likes. They are signed to Lacerated Enemy Records. Their songs is nothing predictable, every song maintains its brutal edge. If you don’t cherish sanity, Vulvodynia is for you. I have listened to their Cognizant Castigation Album, the vein popping aggression I felt was brutal, this kind of brutality is only prescribed in tablets!

Get their album here and take your own brutality dosage. Duncan Bentley is the founder vocalist for the band, Luke Haarhoff his co-founder and bass guitarist, while Byron Dunwoody who produced their songs in their early stage later joined the band as a second guitarist. Below are a few brutal metal songs covered by Duncan, that will motivate you to go to their bandcamp page.

How was the prescription, hahaha… You haven’t seen anything yet till their new album Psychosadistic Design comes out on Spring and also visit their facebook page for more updates on them, we would be covering this band soonest so stay tuned to Audioinferno and keep supporting your local bands.


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