Female African Drummers on Hit Like A Girl Contest 2016

Hit Like a Girl contest is an annual drumming contest for amateur female percussionists. Drummers from all over the world belonging to 2 age groups, <18 and 18+ submit entries for this contest on a yearly basis. This is the fifth edition of the contest and it is geared towards showcasing the talents of female drummers across the globe and encourage drumming in the female gender. If you are a drummer and you’re confident of your skills on the drum kit, you can make a 3-minute video of yourself hitting the drums and stand a chance to win more than $10,000 in prizes. It could be a solo, covers or gig performance, just make sure to showcase your skills. The videos would be judged based on performance (Technique, chops, originality, creativity, groove, and feel), style (Showmanship, vibe (fit with the music), and personality), and story (Personal story, background, and potential). The contest is sponsored by different companies in the music products industry.

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There are tons of female drummers from across the globe participating in this contest and out of all these contestants we have three African Drummers who have submitted their entry for this contest. All three are South African drummers. Below is a brief profile and background story of these female drummers ruling the world of percussion in Africa.


Wooow, when I watched Lucinda sticking the drums and doing like a lady that has drummed her whole life, I was amazed. That was an impressive video, I was gingered all the way through while I was watching the video. Lucinda also plays the drums for Junkyard Lipstick ( Thrash metal band )

Slayaaaarh, the thrash kings, sigh! There should be slayers no fucks are given hand smiley*. I bet Dave Lombardo is one of the drummers that has influenced Lucinda’s drumming career.

Watch her play the drums and see Lucinda winning on the drum-kit  HERE

To know about more about her personal profile and background, click HERE

Lucinda fulfilling her dreams on the drums

















Courtney is a 24 year old South African female drummer based mountains of Graskop, Mpumalanga. She is the leader of Johannesburg based heavy metal band ‘Mizera’. She plays death and thrash metal. Courtney started drumming at a very young age and has been playing the drums for 10 years now. Her musical influences includes Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

To read more about her profile and background click HERE

For a short documentary on Court Gibson click HERE

To watch Courtney perform in the Mizera band, click HERE

Courtney rocking on the drums with Mizera at a Live performance

















This young South African girl (real name Chante Phillips), who lives with her parents in Silvertown, Athlone says her life is about music and that she loves musical instruments. She is a 21 year old professional drummer. She has played the drum at different public events and she currently plays the drum for her church, the AFM CRAWFORD church. She has played the drum for 8 years as she started at a very young age of 6.

Watch Chante go insane on the drums HERE

Find more details about Chante’s profile and background HERE

Chante with her eyes fixated on the next beat



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