Egypt are you Ready for The Metal Blast Festival?


The Metal Blast Festival was founded in 2010 by a group of youths who are metal heads, with a background in music, art and events management who cared to develop and support the independent rock and metal bands through the Middle East. Ever since, the festival has been organized in Egypt annually. It gives domestic Egyptian metal bands the opportunity to share and exchange their music and cultural backgrounds with bands from other African and non-African countries with different cultures and levels of experiences and knowledge with one another. They cared to develop the bands and their local metal scene to deliver high quality experience for the audience and as they planned every year, they take a step forward inviting bigger bands from in and out of the middle east to perform at the festival.

They are planning to put the ‘Egypt Metal Blast Festival’ name on the world map of big scale metal music festivals. In the last 5 editions of this festival, international bands such as Bilocate(Jordan), Exile(Jordan), Perversion(Dubai), Blaakyum(Lebanon), Depopulate(Poland), Banisher(Poland), Materia(Poland) have graced the stage of the Egypt Metal Blast Festival. Popular Egyptian Metal Bands such as Scarab, Massive scar era, Anarchy, Crescent and other smaller bands, have also performed at this festival. This year marks the 6th edition of the Festival, and bands like Swallow The Sun (from Finland), Dimlight, Odious, Inner Missing, and Medic would be gracing the stage of the Metal Blast Festival 2016.


This year, one of the bands from the finnish metal scene is going to be gracing the Egypt Metal Blast Festival in the name of Swallow the sun(Finland). Other bands include,  Dimlight(Greece), Inner missing(Russia), Odious(Egypt).

Swallow the sun (Finland)
Genres: Doom metal, Melodic death metal, Gothic metal
Get their albums: Amazon



Dimlight (Greece)
Genre: Symphonic death metal
Get their albums: Amazon, I tunes

Egypt blast festival

Inner missing

Inner Missing (Russia)
Genre: Gothic/Doom metal
Get their albums: Bandcamp



Odious ( Egypt )
Genre: Symphonic/Oriental black metal
Get their albums: Cdbaby, I tunes, Google play, Spotify, Amazon


Medic ( Egypt )
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal

We would be interviewing these 5 bands, and you’ll get to see what they have to say, here on So, stay tuned to Audioinferno for our interview. The first of the interviews would be our interview with Mikko Kotamäki, the vocalist of Swallow the sun.

Keep supporting your local bands and keep rocking\m/


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