Watch Joshua Barkley of Imperial Destruction on his Bass Play-Through of The Witch Hunt

joshua barkley

Imperial Destruction is back again with Joshua Barkley (Bassman)  on his bass play-through of The Witch hunt off the Ruinous’ album, in case you didn’t know the album is out and still fresh from the oven, now you know so go get the album here

Enjoy the video and give it a like

Imperial Destruction is one of the bands that I first knew in South Africa, cool guys I must say, we even scored an interview with them sometime last year, check here to know more about Wian Beter Bester of Imperial Destruction, one of the guys behind the Geraasplass 3 days festival in S.A.

In between, Age of Ra is my best track off their newly released album ‘Ruinous’. You guys should checkout the official video for ‘Age of Ra’, Joshua went psycho in the video *laughs*

Awesome video, so you guys are wondering where is Joshua in the video, haha. By the 4:14 mark in the video, he is the one chewing grass with two hotties.

Support your local bands\m/ and go get their album.


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