Thursday Playlist with Brendan Stubbs of Wargrave

Hello from the metal side brothers and sisters of metal and steel. We are back with your favourite artiste’s top 5 influential/favourite music videos on Audioinferno. So this week we are gonna be gracing you with Brendan Stubbs of Wargrave’s top influential music videos. He plays the guitar for the band, so enjoy his 5 favorite rock videos. Keep chill and press play

The Hero by Rise Against

I think this video works really well. It is such a beautiful song with extremely heavy lyrical content, I feel that if I was to ignore the lyrics I would never be able to guess just how deep the song is. The video compliments this contrast, with the seemingly innocent shots of Tim singing on the park bench and then cutting to the war scenes.

Now we Die by Machine Head

This is my favourite track off of their latest album, and the imagery is just amazing in the video. I am fine with long songs, but generally I will get a bit bored of long music videos, this is an exception. Just wait for that 4:50 mark, Goosebumps material.

The Violation by Fleshgod Apocalypse 

I have really enjoyed all of the videos Fleshgod Apocalypse have released, however “The Violation” is my favourite. I think it really captures the energy of the band, and that shot where Francesco uncovers the drum kit, how epic is that? They are one of the best bands I have seen live and I am incredibly grateful that I have had the luxury of seeing them twice.

Covering Fire by Havoc

A few years back I had a handful of people recommend Havoc to me, but for some reason I never got around to giving them a listen. After a few months one of my mates forced me to watch this video, and I was instantly sold on the band. Anyone who is into thrash, you really need to check these guys out.

Was it worth it? by Children of Bodom

Anyone who knows me will know why I like this video so much. Children Of Bodom + Chris Cole. Enough said.

So that’s all for today guys, hoped you enjoyed the videos. Keep supporting your local bands\m/


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