Lost and Found Self-titled Debut Album is Out Now



Talk about a band hitting the ground running! LOST&FOUND premiered their debut single, ‘Lost and Found’, on 12th January, 2016, and they already have a tour to Los Angeles scheduled for 5th to 16th March, 2016 in the works and they are busy putting distribution to Europe in place.
This alternative duo’s self-titled debut album, Lost&Found (one word) was only made available for sale on their country-wide launch tour which concludes at Park Acoustics in Pretoria this weekend, but it is also out on iTunes, get Lost&Found on iTunes here

So far, the album has enthusiastically received and will start populating music store shelves country-wide.



Track list & song descriptions by Glen Hodgson:

Lost and Found was the first song I wrote for this project and it kicked things off. It’s a song about finding that person in life who’s going to be the one to help you get through the bad times, whether you like it or not.
Lead guitar by Jedd Kossew.

She Takes Me Over is a song about confronting your demons, whatever they may be. It was originally written as a slow waltzy country song, but I love the way it has evolved.
Backing vocals by Hunter Kennedy & Pierre Greeff.

Clocks I wrote in a hotel room in London, everyone else had gone to watch Justin Timberlake. It’s a song about embracing the present, accepting who you are, and not worrying yourself sick about a future that you don’t even know will arrive.
Backing vocals by Kobus de Kock Jr.

Learning How to Lie was written in studio by Jason and myself, as the final track on the album. Jason had some lyrics that he was working on and I had a little acoustic riff, so we really just tracked everything from scratch, and the song has turned out to be a band and crowd favourite.
Backing vocals by Hunter Kennedy & Le-Roi Nel.

New Song I wrote when I was 100 days sober, and is about exactly that. About how, sure, I am this far in but there’s still a long way left to go. About understanding my life to that point and learning from the mistakes.
Lead guitar by Theo Crous.

I wrote When I Die one day after I nearly had my skull cracked open by a golf ball on the course. Realising how easily death can come and get you, I thought I’d write a song for when I die because I probably won’t ever get around to drafting a will.

Faceless Man was written in a hotel room one afternoon and it’s really straight forward, lyric wise. About what I felt I was, and about what I felt I wanted to be.
Bass guitar by Chris van der Walt. Trumpet by Lee “Lips” Thomson.

Go Back Again is a bit of a love song I suppose, but not for one person in particular. Every relationship had its good and beautiful moments and this song is about remembering those moments above anything else.
Backing vocals by Pierre Greeff.

Don’t Remind Me is about trying to forget things you may have done in the past and move on but there’s that one person, or people, who will always bring up that past and won’t let it go. Lee Lips added a whole new dimension to this song with his flugelhorn, and I love the fact that, as with every guest on the album, there was no rehearsal, what you hear was done in studio in a few takes.
Flugelhorn by Lee “Lips” Thomson.

Turn Back Time is a song about wishing you could go back in time and change things – as I’m sure everyone does at some point in their life. In this particular instance it’s about going back and getting the girl.
Harmonica by Kobus de Kock Jr.

Meet Lost and found on this youtube video clip

All guitars, bass and synths by Fred Den Hartog. It was recorded, engineered and mixed by Dane Taylor and was produced by Dane Taylor and Fred Den Hartog.

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