Peasant enter studio to record 3rd EP



Peasant are a Hardcore Punk and Metal band from Cape Town, and their last EP was titled Circles. It was recorded and mixed with Dean Bailey in Cape Town and Mastered by Brad Boatright in Portland, USA.

Dead Hand been their debut EP came out early 2014, while Circles came out in April 2015. Circles was actually recorded at the same time they recorded their first EP, Dead Hand, both of which are available on their Bandcamp page.

Listen to their 2 EPs here

Their sound is basically a mix of Thrash Metal, Hardcore and Punk, and both EPs are a reflection of exactly that. They are about to enter the studio to record another 10 new power violence tracks and they are doing the vocals already ,when done it will be sent to the U.S for mastering and when finalised, they will be releasing it throughout 2016.

Well the video is short but epic so I got curious and asked why the short video

Pieter Jordan:

“The style of our music is quite short and focused, sometimes in the style of grind-core and power violence”

You heard that! So they are going to be releasing the first part of their EP sometime near June and the second part towards the ending of the year, this guys are trying to up the standard of the release so it is more cost effective for them to release it in 2 parts so stay keen for the 1st part of the EP around June, once you listen to the first part, you will be keen for the years ending for the 2nd part.

Keep supporting your local bands \mm/ rock on. Stay tuned as we bring you more news from Peasant and there is no name for the EP yet, more reason to stay tuned.



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