Interview with Mikko Kotamäki of Doom/Death Metal band ‘Swallow The Sun’

Swallow The Sun (STS) are a Finnish melodic Doom / Death Metal band. The band was formed in 2000 by Juha Raivio. They are a full six man line-up. The band has released 8 full-length studio records. Their latest record ‘Songs from the North’ was a 3-piece record consisting of 3 CDs, Songs from the North I, II & III. They are signed to Spinefarm records. Their sound is nothing short of experimental. They delve into deeper waters as they use numerous techniques to accomplish their desired sound. The band has a broad sound and spirit which binds them together. They are a band to give a listen if you haven’t already done that.
They would be coming to Egypt on the 23rd of April for the Metal Blast Festival, to know more about this festival, click HERE. We here at the Audioinferno towers had the chance to speak with the vox of the band regarding the festival.

Mikko Kotamäki

AI: Can you please introduce yourself?

Mikko of STS: Well i’m Mikko Kotamäki, lead vocalist for Finnish Death/Doom band formed about 15 years ago.

AI: Awesome, people here in Nigeria and Africa listen to your music so much, it speaks to us and directs our everyday life.

Mikko of STS: That’s awesome to hear. I’m really proud of it! There’s not much knowledge about African Metal Scene here up north in Scandinavia but i’m really happy to hear metal scene is alive there as well. Rock and metal is very universal and uniting music.

AI: Rock and Metal is alive in Africa, it’s growing so fast. In between, Sayed Ragai the vocalist of the Egyptian Melodic Death Doom band Sinprophecy is telling you thank you very much for your music and lyrics and for coming to Egypt.

Mikko of STS: Hope to meet him in Cairo and probably share a couple of beers smile emoticon

AI: Hahaha, I’ll pass the message, so this is your first time in Africa?

Mikko of STS: With the band yes. Personally I’ve been there few times just for vacation. Once in Morocco and once in Egypt. So just North Africa so far.

AI: Awesome so how do you feel coming to Egypt for the first time with your band knowing you have a large audience in Egypt, all the Egyptian bands I know, Swallow the sun inspire them.

Mikko of STS: Feeling good of course. Always exciting to play in new countries for us.

AI: Yeah, hopefully one day we would receive you guys in Nigeria.

Mikko of STS: Who knows, maybe one day, I never say never smile emoticon.”

AI: Hahaha, you will. Audioinferno will make it happen so when Metal blast festival contacted your band on their upcoming event, what was your reaction?

Mikko of STS: First reaction was like really! Do any metal bands play in Egypt? And then we just thought well if they want us there, let’s do it. Like I said in the beginning no one here in Finland really knows anything about African metal scene so that probably explains the first reaction. But now we are lot more wiser.

AI: Mikko, there are lots of metal bands here in Africa. Ranging from South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and countries that metal is knocking on their walls! You need to checkout some bands but I’ll talk to you  about that later.

Mikko of STS: Cool! Just let me know what I should check out.

AI: Great. So did you expect tsuch a big fan base in Egypt?

Mikko of STS: Not at all, It’s been a huge surprise. Very pleasant surprise.

AI: Awesome words, your band make good music, so be expecting lots of surprises from different African countries. The Scandinavian metal scene doesn’t really know much about the metal scene here in Africa?

Mikko of STS: No not much. Even though metal is mainstream music at least here in Finland.

AI: What inspired your agreement on going to Egypt?

Mikko of STS: Well we just usually go everywhere we’re asked to go if there’s a reliable organizer. We love to play our music live.

AI: Great, so how long have you been a member of the band and how has it been working with the band?

Mikko of STS: Since the beginning. I’m still here so I guess I can’t complain.

AI: What inspires your song writings?

Mikko of STS: Juha Raivio is our main songwriter. Shortly it’s misery of life and nature. Sometimes black sense of humour. But if you wanna go deeper only Juha can answer this. And most likely he won’t answer so let’s keep the mystery.

AI: Are we expecting any new songs from Swallow the sun?

Mikko of STS: No not yet. It will take some time. Our latest album was a huge project, so I guess we are still a bit lost after that. So now we’re playing live shows as much as we can and new material will follow later when the time is ripe.

AI: So hope you guys are ready for a doom time in Egypt?

Mikko of STS: Absolutely. It’s gonna be great for sure!

AI: That’s the melodic doom spirit right there so say something to your fans all around Africa.

Mikko of STS: Well support the scene. That’s the way you get the chance to see your favorite bands. We are coming to Egypt simply because there’s a lot of supporters for us. You guys made it happen.

Yeah, so Egypt are you ready to swallow the sun on the 23rd of April???

You need to listen to them, so here’s a link to their newest album, “Songs from the North” And also, be sure to like their Facebook page, it’s the best way to hear from them and connect with them. facebookSwallow the Sun

Watch the Official music video for ‘Rooms and Shadow’ below.

Listen to ‘Heartstrings Shattering’ below

Stay tuned to Audioinferno as we talk to Sigmund Vandrer from the band Inner Missing(Russia) concerning the Metal Blast Festival.

Keep supporting your local bands\m/.



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