Outcast 44 releases 3rd single ‘ Stay Away ‘ off their upcoming album

So on a lazy Tuesday evening, me and Sayed were talking over the phone and he tells me he has another band, I was keen to know the name of the band and there it was ‘Outcast 44‘ and you know what! Zander Adam which is in the band Hecate! his vocals punches you in the throat, he did appear in our recent ARMA awards as the nominees for best vocalist is also in the band so you see why everybody have to jam to this guys.

This is a two man band with Sayed Ragai (Vocals & Lyricist & Composer) and Zander Adam (Vocals & Producer & Composer). The idea came from Zander Adam as he was working on his Dub-step project “DimJax” after releasing the EP titled “We kick We Role” ft Monroe, he figured out adding a new vocals on the upcoming one, so he asked Sayed Ragai to join in to add lyrics and vocal lines on their upcoming EP, but the music took a totally different sound that forced them to take a big decision which is make it a total individual and unique sound, based on each one of their backgrounds. So Outcast 44 has been created, working on the project changed a lot in the production of the sound which made both musicians in the project adding vocals. The album transformed from a totally electronic project into a Nu-Metal/Hard-Core Electronic project that has Zander Adam as the main producer & Vocals, and Sayed Ragai as the main lyricist & Vocal. They hail from the ancient city of Egypt, these guys are all about nu-metal in the Industrial style, I haven’t seen any Egyptian band do nu-metal like Outcast 44.

Could these guys be the first Industrial nu-metal band in Africa even? Let’s find out

AI: You guys are the first Industrial Nu Metal band in Egypt, why that genre?


Well, simply cause this is the music that we started to listen to at the beginning of 2000, and we were really into it, so you can say it’s more like going back to our origins, as we are trying to make this music come back to life.

So the band has released 3 tracks namely ‘As The Days Pass‘, ‘404 Error‘, ‘Stay Away‘ from their upcoming album ‘Behind The Curtain’ that will be released this year 2016, so we are going to be focusing on the new release which is ‘Stay Away’.

AI: What does ‘Stay Away‘ mean lyrically?


Stay away is a pure anger, as we tried to explain the idea of life pressure and judgmental betrayal people who are just judging others without mercy and sometimes for no clear reason, and they pretend they are trying to help, as they give you hand and hiding a knife behind their backs in the other hand, and also we tried to give a picture of how all these circumstances could affect someone in a bad way, that could turn a good person into a real bad person.

You can listen to this band on their soundcloud page here

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