Crooked dazzles in new pictures

Crooked, an upcoming alternative rock band from the South African shores recently did a photo-shoot and AudioInferno is bringing you shots from the photo-shoot as a proper introduction to the underground scene and as a way of saying they are going to break necks, have fun, record music and all sorts of awesome things 2016 has to offer.

The members of the band include Kat which hails from Hong Kong, she is the lead singer of the band and she plays the guitar sometimes.


Nate is South African but he hails from the U.S, he plays the guitar.


Renaldo the bassist comes from a jazz / gospel music background, he plays the bass guitar for the band, he plays really complex stuff, he doesn’t know how to play simple.

Nicholas drums for the band, he also drums for Insomniac diaries.
Crooked was founded by Kat, different people have come and gone from the band so this is the current line up of the band. More pics after the cut…
Audioinferno does not get credit for this photos, photoshoot was done by Marcita Maree (video editor, graphic designer and photographer) at Keets Design and Photography
We also had the opportunity to interview Nate and Kat, awesome experience this.
Keep supporting your local bands\m/


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