Shortstraw releases Highschool Video off their 3rd studio album ‘Youthless’

Shortstraw is an indie pop band all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. They are an independent band signed to their independently formed record label Boosh Records, though their music is distributed digitally by Sony Music. They have been on the scene since 2007, in that short time, they have won numerous awards. To know about these guys, click here

They are back again with their High School official video off their third album ‘Youthless‘, the video was shot in Japan.

This video was shot in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo, while the band was on tour in Japan. The video also included an animation that was done by Marco Belloni and Waldo Buchner to add some Japanese effects to it. “This video is Russ’ brainchild. He envisioned this badass Japanese schoolgirl just striding down a Japanese street and beating shit up as she went along. We then fleshed it out together to include some special effects and the band displaying some poor running form too!” says Alastair Thomas. The guitar solos in the video are a overkill, but beautiful all the same.


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