The Unscene Presents – 18 Till I Die


The Unscene Presents is back again with their – 18 Till I Die, Cape Town’s official ‘All Ages’ heavy metal and alternative show, I love the way they blended the heavy metal and alternative together, so it’s gonna be a good show, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be there and again it’s on a Saturday (2nd April 2016) during the school holidays so there is no excuse really.
So ‘18 Till I Die‘ is an All Ages’ initiative which was started back in 2015 at the popular Gandalf’s/R.O.A.R in Observatory Cape Town. It’s a platform to expose the Cape’s youth to the scene which includes the best of the local metal and alternative bands. You should try and explore other music genres and rock is a genre that once you listen, you are forever hooked, it did work out for me so it’s gonna work on you, this is where the Unscene comes in play, they introduce youths to the vibrant pumped culture of the city’s underground scene, the underground is a scene you all must check out, I have talked with most of the underground bands and some of the main guys in the underground scene so I know what I am telling you guys, it’s a show you must attend. This show also aims at bringing the ‘All Ages’ show back to the forefront of the local music industry and in time, help the community grow into an even bigger and stronger force within the South African underground scene. I love the underground scene, lots of awesome talents.

This show is heavily aimed at getting youth back into the fold. It’s also an event that caters to the average gig goer and always boasts healthy attendance figures of all ages. The lineup for the event in April will consist of both up-coming artists, as well as some of the best bands currently writing their names on the rock history of the S.A underground scene. Bands like Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Peasant, Fuera, Bloodbarf, Past Haunts, The Alpha Sequence and Orchard.

Peasant and Zombies Ate My Girlfriend have played some of the biggest local shows of the last few years in the scene as well as playing alongside international artist such as ‘Haste The Day’ and ‘Darkest Hour’, while Fuera, The Alpha Sequence and Orchard represent the newer bands to have emerged out of Capetown in recent times, with Fuera in particular making recent waves and making preparations to release their debut EP at the show.


Zain Domo of Unscene with Patrick Davidson of metal4africa

’18 Till I Die’ will once again aim to raise the event above the usual standards of local gigs in the way of band merch giveaways, radio interviews, online media exposure, first time gig initiatives and other extra activities to help make the youths special and memorable as possible and ensure that fans are left with lots to talk about for months and perhaps years to come.

The main objective of these shows are always directed to the youths so they will be interested in the local metal and alternative music scene and to also provide a safe and friendly environment in which to do so. All the past shows were well attended and they hope that the trend continues in 2016 and 2017 and more so check out the event page to stay up to date for further announcements, pop in on 2nd April, 2016. Please join the ’18 Till I Die’ family here.

So support your local scene guys, go to the show and have fun, chill out with your mates, be stress relieved, support the bands and remember they play this music for you. You won’t be disappointed because I have listened to most of the bands that will be performing and they are lekker like that.

Enjoy your weekend and support your local bands \m/


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