Diety’s Muse releases Convergence Album

dietys muse

Diety’s Muse is a groove-driven hard rock band that hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. Well I’ve known for a while that these guys have been recording their new album ‘Convergence’. Good news everyone, the album is ready you all for your listening pleasure.

Listen to ‘Both sides‘ from ‘Convergence’ album

I  have had the opportunity to talk to their band manager ‘Duncan Bells’, this guy is also one of the guys behind one of the major South African rock events ‘Krank’d up Festival’.

Austin of Audioinferno: Who recorded and produced the album?

Wayne Boucher:

Drums and vocals were recorded at Loudmouth Studios in Klerksdorp, South Africa. Guitars and bass were recorded by the band members at our homes and additional guitars and programming were tracked in Australia by Clint Vincent. We spent a year working on pre-production over the internet with the album’s producer, Clint Vincent (Vin James Music, Dead Letter Circus).

AI: Who wrote the lyrics?

Wayne Boucher:

I did! Wayne Boucher (vocals / guitar).

AI: What genre is the album?

Wayne Boucher:

It’s definitely a modern-sounding alternative rock album with some hard rock influences and a dash of progressive rock thrown in for good measure.

AI: Convergence, why that album name?

Wayne Boucher:

We went through a lot of changes during the writing of the album, both individually and as a band. We added a guitarist to our lineup to expand our sound. Convergence for us just means, “everything coming together” and we really feel like it did come together rather nicely for this album. The name just made sense to us, especially when looking at the lyrics that tie the whole album together. The album itself is about going through changes and forcing oneself to better oneself. It definitely felt like a rebirth for us, like everything falling into place.

So you can order the album at their Bandcamp page or on I tunes or you could purchase them at any of our upcoming shows on the Convergence Tour which we are going to be relating to you soon in details.

dietys muse

Their Merchandise will be available at this shows and keep supporting your local bands.



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