Men Of Mountains Releases EP ‘Songs For The Ocean’

men of mountains

Gauteng-based alternative rock band, Men Of Mountains releases their nearly heart-melting EP ‘Songs for the Ocean’. Men of Mountains are one of South Africa’s newest rising bands and ‘Big Sleep’ from their Ep which was recently released showcases the incredible song writing talent from this new group along with front-man Conor’s powerful vocals. The single also gives voice to a talented band who is ready to be heard. We are going to go in details with the track ‘Big Sleep’.

Listen to Big Sleep

Big Sleep is the lead single from Men of Mountains Debut EP, ‘Songs For The Ocean’ which you can get here on Itunes.

Big Sleep is a song about coming to terms with a dying relationship and the lengths someone will go to keep it afloat. It’s a story that fits into the theme of contemplating the effects that love and affection have on people. That is essentially what our new EP ‘Songs For The Ocean’ is about. It’s an in-depth analysis on my personal struggles with failed love and relationships and coming to terms on how to deal with it ~ Conor Fathe-Aazam.

Their ‘Song For The Ocean’ EP was created as a collaborative effort between Dave Grevler at Antimotion Studios and Jacques du Plesees at High Seas Studios. Tracks were recorded and mixed locally, and then mastered in the US.

Men Of Mountains take pride in their live show, making sure fans are entertained at every gig and have opened for local greats such as a king. The group are also very close friends with local band ‘Made For Broadway’. Support them on various social media platforms, and make sure to see them live and follow them online to stay in the loop on where they’ll be performing next.

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