Band of the Month : Lesuth


Our band of the month goes to Lesuth, this is a band we love, these guys are so metal and they impress me as a symphonic black metal band, they aren’t afraid to go for the jugulars. The South African symphonic black metal bruisers are totally fearless and they are not afraid to go for what they want.


Khulekani Mtshali

In the early beginning of 2013, from the dark ashes of a different project came the pure dark entity named Lesuth. After months of auditions a vocalist and frontman was finally found in the form of the honorable Khulekani Mtshali. He completed the ranks with Greg Pereira and Simon Werner on Guitar, Neville Shield on keyboard, Nabeel Desbois on drums.

Lesuth took to the stage in June 2014 spreading their symphonic black metal ever further as their insidious influence grows with every performance. A rich mixture of influences and musical backgrounds gives Lesuth a unique sound in the South African metal scene, with dark atmospheres and powerful showmanship. They have already shared the stage with many of South Africa’s greatest metal bands from all sub-genres. Having won a battle of the bands, Lesuth was chosen to represent their home city of Johannesburg at the prestigious Witchfest 2016.


Greg Pereira

Lesuth, I love the name and I was curious to know what it really meant to them so I asked Greg any reason for the band name:


“Lesuth is the name of the star in the constellation Scorpio that’s in the position of the sting of the scorpion. Roughly translated, Lesuth means poisonous bite or sting of an animal and we’re trying to address the fact that mankind is like a poisonous animal spreading poison through fundamentalist religion, corporate greed and politics.”

Lesuth, this guys are self produced and they have released two singles with videos, Insidious, and the brutal Red Water, which uses footage from Salad Fingers as the main influence on the track. The debut EP is still being conjured but the beast will be unleashed this year so stay tuned to Audioinferno.

Insidious was their debut track which was released in August 2014, good jam here, Khulekani Mtshali growls were stinky filthy and his serious expression in the video melted into dark particles that gave the track it’s sound.

Red Water was their second single and it was released May 2015, it uses footage from Salad fingers but this is video, i loved how the lyrics of the song matched in unison with the video. So their newest single ‘Whispers Unknown’ which i listened as soon as it was dropped. I won’t lie, I was really impressed their latest track and we will be dropping a review soonest.
Listen here or download even.

The lyrical content of this song was written by Greg and it was recorded in one of the bands bedroom and it was self produced also.

For everything Lesuth, you are at the right place!


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