Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Jelena Dobric of Persona


Hello world, another Thursday and we are really looking forward to the weekend. So this week, we are gonna be gracing you with Jelena Dobric from Persona, this band bagged an award in our recently concluded ARMA awards for best rock video. So listen to her top 5 rock videos. Enjoy

Believer by Myrath

Super awesome video of our Tunisian friends, with a great Aladdin-action story, really masterfully done. One of the details I like here most are how the instruments that band members play look like.

Restless by Leprous

One of my absolutely favorite bands and a video that pictures the essence of today’s society.

Cirice by Ghost

I just love the cinematographic, kind of Dario Argento-like approach in this video!. Very eerie atmosphere and a story that perfectly describes and explains the lyrics.

Elan by Nightwish

My favorite thing in this video are the characters and the whole ambiance that is very positive and festive in a way, like a celebration and appreciation of life itself.

Ashes by Pain of Salvation

An old song and video, but I still love it. The scenario part actually explains the lyrics and the whole song is very intense and emotional.

Hope you enjoyed it, one more thing again, Tarja Turunen!!!. Stay tuned to Audioinferno for our thursday thoughts with your favorite artistes and support your local bands.



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