Northern Rage: Introducing Gore Bath and the New Album, Disease Spreading Land

Gore bath 2

Grindcore is that one sub-genre of rock people flee from mostly because of how technically demanding it is. Think of the genre like Dave Mustaine on Level 1000 and the Dave Mustaine also doubles as the energizer bunny too. It’s a pretty much an extreme genre of rock. Not for the faint hearted.

Then there’s Gore Bath, a one man band headed by the incredible Muhammad Oun. That means he plays all the instruments, well, except for the drums, he uses a drum machine for that. We can dig that here. And why not. Now to be much clearer, Gore Bath is a Grindcore/Noise one man band and yes that sort of thing exist. Oun hails from Tunisia so yes, this is an intro article from another hitter from the North. We told you we have love from the folks from the top part of Africa. The band was formed in 2009 releasing the first Demo Album titled Human Beast then. Safe to say, Gore Bath has been here a while. The coolest bit to this article is the fact that Gore Bath has another album out titled Diseases Spreading Land, a 21 track album with a lot of rage in there (as we suspect you would suspect) trust us on this here. So, yes we jammed it already and we will have a review out soon (next week)

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Curious about the band, well, here’s a sample of what it’s all about:

Be sure to tune in next week, we hope to snag an interview with the brains behind the band. We also ask to follow him of his social media pages, links will be below but first, the album will be available on this bandcamp page, check it below:

Here are the links to his Facebook, Youtube & Twitter page guys

For much more on Gore Bath, turn up here next week on AudioInferno.


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