Jason Modyrc needs you to vote on his Amon Amarth poster design


It’s good to see our brothers in the metal spirit doing some good stuffs, we do it for the love of the music, that’s what Jason Modyrc of Imperial Destruction just did. He is the only African to compete on the crowdsourcing service for designers and artists called Creative Allies which gives artists the opportunities to work for large names in the music industry hence the artwork he did for Amon Amarth. When the deadline is met, Amon Amarth will decide which poster they prefer and select it as the “winning” project. If the person wins, they will use that poster design as their poster to promote their new album and probably sell it online.

Amon Amarth!!!! My love for this band goes beyond limit. Jason Modyrc draws sick stuff, he also owns Writhe creations, (His Art project). He has been doing artwork for a good couple of years, mainly for his band Imperial Destruction.

He needs our support, we are all brothers and sisters of the African rock scene you matter the genre you listen to, he is the only African to come out so support him by clicking this link to vote. If he wins, we win. You get that feeling when you tell your friends from other countries that an African actually designed Amon Amarth’s poster design.

Jomsviking!!!! The wait would soon be over

Jason is a die hard fan of them, we did our thursday top 5 rock videos with him last year, if Amon Amarth isn’t on that playlist, then what is? To see his Thursday rock top 5 video playlist, click here

Jason Modyrc:

Amon Amarth has always had an easy listening aspect in my books. I felt that no matter how necessary it may be for me to relax and stop the fire inside my head, it would always be natural for me to put on some Amon Amarth and blast it through my ears. Since my earlier years as a strapping young metalhead, bands like Amon Amarth and Hypocrisy have always stood with me. These bands helped to keep me motivated and calm. There’s just something so calming about their music, so much truth and emotion in the lyrics. That’s what really got me into Metal in the first place. So you can only imagine the excitement in my bones when I received an email from Amon Amarth’s mailing list, stating that there’s an opportunity to design a poster for the Nordic Gods of Metal.

I have to stop here, I can go on and go on and keep ranting about Amon Amarth so support Jason by clicking this link, as you support him, you support your local bands\m/



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