25 Africa Metal Songs to jam up this Monday

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Hello metal brothers and steel sisters, hope the weekend was good. So the songs i am dropping here is the real deal, good Africa metal jams that when you listen to them, you’ll be forever hooked.
Enjoy the playlist!.

Divine design by Lust of a Dying breed(Kenya)

See ehn by 1 last Autograph(Nigeria)

Gravaton by Megaladon(South Africa)

Dream Again by Void of Belonging(Kenya)

Ripened for Gorging by Subject to Slaughter(South Africa)

Okove by Skinflint(Botswana)

Oceans ov hell by Hecate(Egypt)

Idle spirit by Breed Apart(Zimbabwe)

The Rain by The Drift(South Africa)

Bury your Fallen Dreams by Last years Tragedy(Kenya)

Mirrors by Enraged(Egypt)

Blinded by Persona(Tunisia)

Sorrow and Majesty by African Doomhammer(Nambibia)

Freedom in the Dark by Overthrust(Botswana)

Red Water by Lesuth(South Africa)

Hypnose by Lelahell(Algeria)

Why Me by Wrust(Botswana)

Obligated to Die by The Fallen Prophets(South Africa)

A Flooded Battleground by Thread of Omen(South Africa)

Believer by Myrath(Tunisia)

Everything but true by Iron Silver(Gabon)

Breaking my way by Nothing to Lose(Angola)

Lost Zion by Arka’n(Togo)

Violently leading the blind by devilspeak(South Africa)

Rise Once again by Mind Assault(South Africa)

Tune in to Audioinferno for your African rock songs in all genres and keep supporting your local bands\m/.


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