Plus234 Gives Us an Easter Delight With a New Single

plus234I’ve played with this band before. Proud of that there, really. Don’t know why I said it but then again I say a lot of things. I don’t think we get gifts on Easter but, this could be considered one. Plus234 graced us with the song Stranger. On this here track, we all so hear a voice we haven’t heard before (it seems.) The voice of Celeste. We definitely will like to hear more of her. Sure you would agree

In case you don’t know, Plus234 released a really kick ass track a while back (here’s a link) in September. Hearing Stranger now makes us want to dig deep and listen to their past tracks. it’s a great band really. Great chemistry among them and it’s easy to tell from their songs (well, for us it is.)

Little bit of information here for you, Plus234 is an Afro Alternative Rock band (google that) and a five man band too. We want to see an album from these guys too, sure as hell their fans would want the same, till then we’ll make due with these awesome songs they keep chugging out here:



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