Introducing the female fronted band ‘Bloodbarf’

Bloodbarf is a bestial female-fronted cover band, bleeding from various Cape Town arteries. It consists of Vocals – Jo Smit(Junkyard Lipstick), Left hand ax wielder – Wian Bester(Imperial Destruction), Right hand ax wielder – Ross Wilsenach(Yet to be announced), Drummer – Evan Fourie(Imperial Destruction), Bassists – Derrick Leppan(Devilspeak) and Joshua Barkley(Imperial Destruction).

The band was originally started as a fun project for an after-party gig in November 2015, covering Eaten by Bloodbath. The crowd gargled up the set and it was decided to launch Bloodbarf as an official cover band.

Bloodbarf’s heart beats for international beasts, Bloodbath. The sets contain a number of songs by numerous international artists with the majority being by Bloodbath. All 5 members belong to 3 different local, established bands and are no strangers to the stage. Now any and all free time is dedicated towards barfing up some deadly covers. Bloodbarf has a raging appetite for death and thrash and welcomes friends & fans to request songs to be covered.

Austin of Audioinferno: So why the cover band,who started the band and what inspired you to make the band?

Jo Smith:

“I spotted an opportunity to do covers at a local metal event at Brutal Metal Braai hosted by Gandalf’s in Observatory. I contacted the guys and said hey, who is with me? Ross and I were very keen to cover Eaten. The show went well judging by the crowd’s reaction and we decided to keep Bloodbarf, inspired by the Brutal Metal Braai event organizer, Carla Cubic and one of our favourite international acts, Bloodbath. Note that we mainly cover Bloodbath.”

Bloodbarf only covers Bloodbath songs plus they will be an element of surprise on their upcoming show on 2nd April and they will have 6 Bloodbath songs they will perform and one other cover also of an international band. They are also considering to cover local bands as that one other cover song. But every set will be different and they will never play the same set twice.

Be sure to catch this guys on April 2nd,they have lots in store for you ,visit their facebook page here

For more on Bloodbath or Bloodbarf, you are already at the right place.



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