Togo based band ARKA’N releases new Single “Lost Zion”


ARKA’N is a hard rock band based in Lome, Togo and they have just released their latest single “Lost Zion”, the song title reminds me of P.O.D. We are going to be talking about this guys in full details from their beginning cuz they have been in the rock scene for a very long time but for now, LISTEN

Rock Ahavi, guitar and lead vocalist wrote the lyrics in general. The song is auto-produced and recorded at Hard Anger Music studio in Lomé (Togo). The song talks about the thirst we feel sometimes about truth, good spiritual vibes, but we are always defeated by men’s hypocrisy and lies.

So stay tuned with an interview from this guys and go check them out on facebook. Support your local bands\m/


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