Interview with Sigmund Vandrer of Inner Missing

More bands pop out as we delve deeper into the scenes both international and locally. Inner Missing is a gothic\doom\post-rock band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, I personally love this guys, it has that Draconian feel when you listen to them. So I had the chance to sit down with Sigmund one on one as we talked about his band coming to Egypt.

Austin of Audioinferno: Hey Sigmund, how’s it going?


Perfect! We’ve just returned from Kiev where we had the best show of the recent 5 years!

AI: So how was the show in Kiev?


The show was above all praise! We haven’t seen such a support for many years, the organization was fine and the public was absolutely fantastic!

AI: That is good, you haven’t seen anything yet till you enter the ancient City of Egypt and you will really know what praise is.


Oh, I believe you absolutely my friend! The reaction to our announce of facebook was so tempestuous that I was truly shocked for the first time! I never expected that somewhere live so many people who love our music – it’s a real miracle!

AI: So have you been in Egypt before?


No, unfortunately I haven’t, though I always wanted to visit this country.

AI: Now that you will be here with your band members, how do you feel?


We’re very excited! The lineup of the festival is very strong (it’s a great honor to share stage with Swallow The Sun and other bands are great too) – and we expect that we’ll face the most numerous audience in our history – and it will be the audience that is interested in our music!

AI: What did you think about the African metal scene before Metal blast festival contacted you?


Oh, I think African scene is very interesting: bands like Scarab, Odious, Myrath have a unique sound that is quite recognizable!

AI: Good bands there, you should see what South Africa has to offer, lots of awesome bands there.


I heard about it, though I cannot remember the names of the bands.

AI: You will, I am gonna tell you more about the scene and visit our brothers, everything you need to know about the S.A scene will be right on there.


Ok, I’ll do it!


AI: How do you see yourself coming to Nigeria to perform?


I think that would be great!

AI: We think so too here at AudioInferno.  So could you say something to your fans in Egypt on what to expect from you guys?


We’re very pleased by your interest and support and we’ll do our best not to disappoint you!

AI: Awesome, thanks for the interview, one question left, batman or superman?

So that is the end of interview, to keep up with them, go listen to them on their bandcamp page here. Support your local bands\m/




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