Insomniac Diaries disbands

insomniac d

It’s sad to see bands disband, it’s disheartening here at the Audioinferno towers. Insomniac Diaries closed due to a little bit of conflict and disagreement between band members. Let’s hear what Nicholas Swanepoel has to say on this,

“The truth is that a lot happened leading up to the break up. I honestly think that we all just wanted different things and our views and ways we operate were no longer in sync. Basically, we were beating a dead horse, trying to make something work that was far beyond saving. It is a damn shame the band is no longer together, but its healthier for everyone that was involved in the band at the time. Now, we all of doing different projects and we are just a lot happier. I personally have no hard feelings towards anyone I was in with Insomniac Diaries, id rather just like to thank them for taking the band as far as they did.”

This here cuts us deep, we scored a brilliant interview with them a while back (read it here.) So Insomniac Diaries have disbanded, probably wont  be hearing any songs from them anytime soon, keep supporting your local bands people. Sad stuff here.


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