Review of the Hardcore Help Foundation Benefit show with Pictures

Kenya had it’s First European metal band ‘A traitor like Judas’ to come for their Hardcore help foundation Benefit show which held on April 2nd, so while i wasn’t there for the show, my buddy was (SO JEALOUS) so listen to what Dani L. Kombibo has to say about the show:

“Hardcore Help foundation benefit show was a riveting experience, it is one of those experiences i’m taking to the grave. The moshpit was familiar in a very affectionate way, guys picking each other when they fall, carrying stage divers carefully making sure we don’t drop them. But also ferocious, you got torn apart in that moshpit, its spits you out in bits in pieces. Irony destroyed‘s vocalist, Lawrence Muchemi tore his leather boots. I got punched in my left eye socket, and some guys just dropped to their knees out of the sheer exhaustion.

Out of the local bands, in my estimation Rock of Ages and Parkinglotgrass stood out the most. Parkinglotgrass had a new drummer who can also sing like the fucking waves. And his drumming skills are fucking monstrous. Parkinglotgrass sounded very heavy. The most bad ass performance by them to date. I dont remember these guys performing as great as this before. They played my favorite song, Chosen and a few others from their album, including Let Me Be, Constitution and Kilio cha haki.”

Watch what went down at the show


It’s good to see international acts coming to Africa, stay tuned to Audioinferno for your day to day Africa rock news and events. Keep supporting your local bands\m/.

(Note: doesnt assume credit for the pictures used on this post. Credit goes to the photographers and the band)


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