Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Estiaan Ethorius Petzer of Spectral Realm


Welcome once again to your favorite artiste top 5 rock videos, so this week we are gonna be focusing on Estiaan Ethorius Petzer, he plays for Spectral Realm all the way from South Africa, i listen to this guys, positive vibes in their songs. So sit tight,buckle your belts, press play and enjoy the playlist.

 Pathfinder by Fleshgod Apocalypse

I chose Pathfinder from Fleshgod because I really enjoy the Labyrinth album and this song especially is one of my favourites. I enjoy the hook and the story it tells, which is driven home so well in the video.

Dream Mirrors by Iron Maiden Rock in Rio

Dream of Mirrors from Iron Maiden is one of my all time favourite metal songs since my teenage years. And seeing as how we are going to see them live in South Africa in May, I find myself to be obsessed with Maiden like I was back in my teenage years. I really cannot wait for that show and find myself listening to Maiden more often than not lately.

Dead Embryonic cells by Sepultura

Sepultura has always been one of my favourite bands because they were one of my first metal bands, I discovered metal through thrash metal. Therefore Sepultura, alongside countless other thrash bands, will always have a very special place in my heart.

Two flies flew into a black sugar cobweb by Carach Angren

I chose Two Flies by Carach Angren because they are by far my favourite black metal band out there, The way the tell stories in their songs is just so unique and captivating. I urge every black metal, and extreme metal fan in general, to give this band a try with the lyrics in front of them, The journey they take you on is beyond words to say the least.

Winter thrice by Borknagar

I chose Winter Thrice from Borknagar purely because I am obsessed with this new album since it was released in February. It’s just such a pleasure to listen to and I like to share it as far and wide as I possibly can. Every metal fan needs to hear this album I believe.

Hope you enjoyed the playlist, join us next week for your favorite artistes top 5 rock videos. Keep supporting your local bands\m/






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