Wacken Metal Battle South Africa *Bands are you Ready to battle*


Wacken Wacken Wacken, that is every metal-head’s final destination where you get to rock out and flip your hairs with your fellow rockers listening to heavenly tunes like Nightwish and testicle breaking melodies like In Flames and lots more, bands from all over the world come to play at Wacken for it is the biggest and heaviest Rock festival in the world. Wacken is One, there is no rock festival like Wacken.

Watch the Wacken 2013 promo

Watch the Wacken 2014 promo

There wasn’t Wacken last year, more reason why you must checkout the bands that are playing this year. Louise du Pisani has integrated Wacken to the South Africa scene which is very good as it allows bands and fans of Wacken open air Germany also to have a taste of Wacken in South Africa.

the drift

Louise the tallest guy with Randy Blythe of lamb of god

When i told some of my friends that Wacken happens at South Africa yearly ,they were like surprised and there was like Wacken is Germany and i was like yes it is but they also do Wacken here in South Africa and there you go, i gave them some videos to checkout and they were surprised.

Checkout the 2013 entire Wacken metal battle finals

Yes!! Wacken Metal Battle is on guys, ARE YOU READY in *Scott Ian voice* so all ye bands and fans, gather your work colleagues and family members also and head to Wacken Metal Battle. The plan of this metal battle is to take the local talents to Wacken Open Air Germany to play with bands across the world, that is the idea.

Recent years can only be described as a period of enormous growth for scene building in Metal South Africa. Their little corner of the world has now been recognised as a new and exciting location for bands abroad, stadium acts and independent bands all at once, to come and showcase what we’ve been yearning for recognition.


The W.O.A Metal Battle South Africa now returns to complete the local metal equilibrium. From International bands coming to the S.A shores, to amazing local shows reminding the community the spirit of South African metal flows in local veins, to sending their country’s finest to the international stage, that’s what the Wacken Battle is all about. It’s not just about playing alongside the biggest names in Global Metal, but sending the local talent to the global stage and representing them all at the Mecca of Metal which is Wacken Open Air.

The Battle lines have been drawn already, stay tuned to Audioinferno on more on this festival and keep supporting your local bands.


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