Digging the Band, Dum-Chang

Dum Chang

I like FIFA games. Not because of the beautiful easy to master gameplay but for one major thing and one major thing mostly, the music. See, FIFA has mastered the art of selecting a collection of feel good music that sticks to you for years. One song that echoes in my head till always is this song called God Knows by the band Mando Diao. Heard this song in 2006. On FIFA 06, ten years ago. And today, when I search the web for the song it makes me feel like a kid again.

Dum-chang has all the qualities to have one of their songs on FIFA simply because they have that feel good vibe about them. Dum-Chang is that sweet Indie Blues Rock band from Cape Town (Cape Town can do no wrong apparently) with a lineup of Josh Easton-berry – Vox Tanner Wareham – Guitar & Vox Joshua Engelbrecht – Bass Guitar Rorke Kemp – Guitar & Vox Todd Bauermeister – Drums. I listen to a lot of Heavy Metal, and many times I look for a bit of change here and there and then boom a band like this hits me. I’ll say this here to anyone that’s reading this, we need to see more bands like this from across Africa. We get a bit of stick about mostly featuring Metal bands here but the thing is, it’s the most popular genre and they come to us. We can’t/won’t turn them back. You heard me talk about the band so why not hear them.

Listened to this song in the morning as I wrote this article, so if I am writing really good things about the band it isn’t my fault. it’s just a lovely damn song. The good news IS the band is currently working at the Cosher Recording Studio on their EP so that means you will be hearing some sweet ass songs like this soon enough. You can bet a pretty penny we will be looking to bring you more from them.

NO!!!! If you heard a bit of Red Hot Chill Peppers on this here song then you aren’t the only one. No comparison but honestly here, it’s uncanny. We will be looking out for more info on the EP, hearing them now we are excited about the possibilities. With that, for anything more on Dum-Chang, you are in the right place already.


(Note: AudioInferno.com doesnt assume credit for the pictures used on this post. Credit goes to the photographers and the band)


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