Band of the Month: The Just

Yeah, so another band of the month from the Audioinferno towers broadcasting to every country in Africa, so this month we are going to be taking you guys down south in Pretoria, South Africa to a lovely band called ‘The Just’.

They describe their sound as that of Flyleaf (the band.) The bands name speaks for the band members even lyrically.

They are a 5 piece band based in Pretoria, South Africa with ilona on vocals.

ilona on vocals

Stefan on Drums

Quentin on rhythm guitar


Martin on lead guitar


Marcel on bass guitars


So these guys came together from different backgrounds and they began their journey to create something new and they made an innovated sound which I believe sticks with you. Their band members favoured different genres before they started the band which included folk to metal. They dissected the trends in music in which they saw what seemed to be a gradual movement to heavier music but that is still accessible to radio.

They knew that folk/hipster trend was still going strong as well as Pop-Punk in alternative, so they felt the need to innovate the new direction before it got flooded. So the band set out to make music that rocks and would reach a broader audience and even get some radio play.

So we are going to be talking about their ‘Now hear me’ video which they shot with no budget but still looks just and amazing. The video was actually done to enter a competition and it’s sort of an anthem. They kept the chorus line a simple melody because they wanted people to be able to sing along to the track. Well I sang along, I even clapped my hands.

Watch the video here

So I talk to Marcel, the bassist of the band about the video and lots more.

Austin of Audioinferno: Is this your first video?


Yes it was.

AI: Where was the video shot because I see a very big auditorium?


It was actually a church auditorium that we were lucky enough to use. I don’t think they realized what type of music we make. We could see the guy that did the lights was a bit shocked.

AI: The guy thought it was a Gospel song?


Don’t know really what he thought, I think it was more the style of the music that shocked him. He wasn’t expecting hardrock.

AI: I figured, maybe when he saw ilona flipping her hair, he shivered.


Haha, yeah not expecting her to head bang.

AI: So any meaning to the track, because I feel it has a deep lyrical meaning.


Oh yeah definitely man. Each one of our band members have been repeatedly told to give up on music, to stop wasting our time.. In the words of twenty one pilots “Wake up, you need to make money”. So we wrote a song for everybody who are following their passions and dreams and make their voices louder than the haters.

AI: Awesome mahn, I just felt you just wrote a story for that haters.


Exactly man

AI: Now hear me, is it your debut single?


Now Hear Me, actually not really. We had shot this video because we wanted to get something out there. We actually feel that our other songs on our EP are stronger.

AI: Very good, so when is your EP coming out because when I watched ‘Now hear me’ video, I had a taste of flyleaf.


At this stage we are hoping by the end of May. We have a few other things we need to get finished like album art, luckily the tracks are done.

AI: So which other tracks are out apart from Now hear me now?


At this stage we have only a demo version of “No Mistakes” on Soundcloud. So we are keeping the music a bit under wraps for a bit, hopefully people will get excited about the EP.

AI: Good jam, ilona killed it so have the songs in the EP been written, recorded?


Yes everything is luckily written, recorded, mixed and mastered. Now to get it out there.

AI: So any name for this EP?


Well just “Pop-Mosh”.

AI: Describe your genre of music?


That’s where it gets tough. We have tried to create a bit of a new sound, combining different styles of music. We felt that most people today don’t just like one genre so we mixed it up “hence” the name ‘Pop-mosh’ for the EP.

So that’s it for the stage 1 interview, stay tuned to Audioinferno as we are going to be interviewing all the band members. Support your local bands.



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