Introducing Kataklysm’s Kupboard fashion program on Audioinferno



Hello Africa, it’s Austin reporting straight from the Audioinferno towers, hope your weekend was cool, well mine was. So it’s a Monday and you are probably on your way to work, you entered your office and you see lots of office files on your workdesk and you muttered to yourself ‘Whew, it’s gonna be a long week’. Don’t worry, we got you covered this week. Before you know, it’s Friday, then Monday again, the Friday, then Monday then…

We are going to be starting a fashion program on Audioinferno named Kataklysm’s Kupboard with Kat, the lead vocalist of Crooked, in this program, she would be talking about rock fashion trends and her personal stories and lots more.

When Kat told me her fashion program name is gonna be Kataklysm’s Kupboard, I was like huhhh, do you listen to KATAKLYSM? and she was like “lol, what band is that?”  She totally said that too. She told me Kataklysm is the stage name her band members gave her. If only Kat knew the meaning of Kataklysm, *sigh*. Kataklysm is the swedish name for the English word Cataclysm which means the violent upheaval that causes great destruction. That word name is so M E T A L (said I.)

Watch her secrets behind joker, motel grunge and get it up interview here. You should also follow her channels too.

Yeah, that’s a beautiful lady right there so stay tuned to Audioinferno to know what’s creeping in and out from Kataklysm’s kupboard. Support your local bands\m/



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