Zainab Sule Just released the Music Video of UYHEME

It’s no secret we love Zainab here. So, understandably we got excited about the release of her new video from her EP (called The Extended Play, conveniently. You can purchase the album from THIS link here.) UYHEME has chill vibe to it, as most of Zainab’s songs do. A style that matches her personality also. The formula clearly works well for her. Here’s the video, do enjoy:

It’s kind of easy to pick out Zainab’s influences from her singing, if you guessed Tracy Chapman, then you get a free apple pie, courtesy of Zainab herself. Ok, maybe we lied about that. I was thinking of pie while writing this. I’ll be getting that pie right after this. Here’s another video from Zainab which happens to be my favorite song from her (tada, now you know stuff)


For more on Zainab Sule, you know you’re already at the right place. Be sure to check out here Facebook  , Twitter page and her Website also.



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