Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Aldine Venter of Desolation



Hello world, Audioinferno is back again with your favorite artistes top 5 rock/metal videos. So this week we would be knowing Aldine Venter playlist, she is the vocalist of the death metal band, ‘Desolation’. Press play and watch some sick videos.

Curl of the burl by Mastodon

Because everyone needs a little bit of Mastodon in their life.

Remembrance by Gojira

I battled to decide which song to share with you, but the outro to remembrance could cure cancer. Gojira is different, but in the best way possible. Something about their music gets me thinking. It’s very inspiring and I can’t wait to see what they give us in their upcoming album.

Spheres of Madness by DECAPITATED 

Spheres of Madness off the 2002 album, Nihility is one of my all time favorite songs and definitely my favourite Decap album. Decap were in their prime form back then, never to be repeated in the same way. I got to see Decap live at Withcfest 2015 and I was a total fan girl. This is my party song, gets me amped every time!.

Aftermath (Live @ Download 2006) by Strapping Young Lad

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a massive Devin Townsend fan. I might even be a little obsessed. I chose this video, because this is the performance and track that introduced me to the Grand Master that is Devin Townsend. His vocals range continuously blows me away. If you haven’t heard of Devin Townsend I urge you to look at some of his other projects. There is something for everyone.

Regorge in the Morgue by Vomitory

Nothing to be said here. It’s brutal and disgusting and I like it.

Can’t wait for Gojira’s new album too, stay tuned to Audioinferno and keep supporting your local bands.


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