Rash releases Msafiri video


Rash is back with another music video again, it seems this guys are on a fast pace considering this is their 2nd music video this year alone and we are just in April. Their ‘Sons of Robot’ video won the 2015 ARMA best rock video. To know more about their ‘Usiki Mbaya’ video which came out on January early this year, click here

So their freshly released music video by the name Msafiri meaning ‘traveller’ in Swahili is actually one of their old songs and it was inspired by the movie ‘Gravity’. It is about an astronaut who drifted off in space, got derailed and lost all communication with Earth and all hope is lost when he could not go back home. You can imagine the thoughts and the anguish. Anyway, the song can be interpreted in the way the listener listens to it.

Watch the video here

I personally love the video, the video was shot in a railway museum in Nairobi, Max got the idea and wrote the song in English while Abedi wrote the Swahili version of the song.

And you know what is fascinating about this is that they shot the video with no budget, advantage of been a well known rock band in Kenya. So they were privileged to be featured in one of MyAfricaIs documentaries about capturing the African story from African voices on how the West regurgitates this continent as dark and wartorn. So they featured both them and ParkingLotGrass and it was all about the presence and the growing of rock and heavy metal music in Kenya and Africa at large and then they decided to shot a video for one of their songs. The location of the video was in an old railway museum, depicting loneliness and isolation just as the song describes.

To know more about MyAfricaIs, visit their youtube page, click here.

To know more about the railway station the video was shot, click here.

Support your local bands \m/ and watch out for Rash.



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