Lelahell launches Second Album Crowdfunding Campaign


Death metal trio Lelahell seek funds for upcoming record release. Ambitious Algerian up-and-coming metallers Lelahell announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to support their upcoming record. Lelahell announced today they will seek donations through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This move follows in the footsteps of a growing trend of metal-genre bands and musicians across the globe who are turning to crowdfunding to support the financial burden of equipment, recording and touring. The band consider this the first crowdfunding campaign hosted by an Algerian metal band.

The majority of funds needed are intended to help cover the costs of album artwork, production of the album, production of a music video and band merchandise. In exchange for donating to the campaign, contributors can receive Lelahell merchandise, including T-shirts, posters, stickers, pins and other collateral.

The trio’s new album, “Alif,” is slated as the group’s second full-length album and third release since the band’s formation in 2010. Lelahell are set to record at Hertz Studio in Poland under the guidance of well-known producers the Wiesławscy brothers. In Arabic, Alif is the first letter in the alphabet, and it is used in Arabic calligraphy to determine the size of the following characters. Lelahell say they chose the title as this album “will be the main musical reference of the next upcoming releases.”

Fans and metal supporters can contribute to the crowdfunding effort by visiting http://igg.me/at/lelahell. This campaign will end the 15th may 2016 and to thank you for your support, Lelahell have exclusive t-shirts, hoodies, signed posters and Cds and more. In addition to the more traditional merchandise, The band will be offering exclusive signed Redouane Aouameur 8 strings guitar made by Siggi Braun, RG electronics Lelahell BB Preamp Pedal, guest performances on your band’s album, a guest performance on their new album and a private concert for you whenever you are in the globe.

About Lelahell ~Founded in 2010 by Metal veteran Redouane Aouameur, Lelahell are an Algerian death metal band hailing from Algiers. The trio comprises of Lelahel (guitars, vocals), Ramzy Curse (bass) and Slaveblaster (drums). Lelahell have released one EP, “Al Intihar” (Goressimo Records, 2012), and one full album, “Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane” (HPGDP, 2014). The band also launched a documentary in 2016 titled “Highway to Lelahell”- An Algerian metal Documentary” , presenting viewers with a solid history lesson on Algeria’s metal scene, click here to watch the documentary. The band have also embarked on three European tours, and also participated in festivals in Europe.

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