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Oooh Yeah!!!. I’m back, sorta. And its a good day to start metal to your core, yo! I will be honest, I’ve been on the down-low end because, well, life. So keeping up with the African scene has been kinda hard. But once in a while I see snippets of what’s happening and I just smile. We’re making good music, people. And our kins need our support. It’s a good thing we’ve got going, so we have to keep the fire burning.

So, what’s this about metalcore all of a sudden? Well, one of my colleagues shared a video on Facebook. It’s a lyrical video for a metalcore bands song. The band’s called Damning cloudiness and they hail from Mozambique. And I will admit that it served as a facemelting evidence of the African metalcore scene. There aren’t that many (that i know of personally) but the few I know have been doing really good. I dare say GREAT.

I’m a generous guy so I won’t hoard all this goodness to myself. I’ll share with you all these good metalcore jams that I’ve come across.

First of, we have Facing the Gallows “Filth”. Hailing from South Africa, these guys sucker-punched me in the face one random day. I was just on facebook, minding my own business when I saw the link being shared by I think it was Poverty Of Ideals (and i love those guys so i felt “hey, if PoI shared it, it’s gotta be good”), Boy I was overwhelmed!
Blast beats? Check!
Breakdown? Check!
Well executed Clean singing in Chorus? Check!
Think, I’m over-hyping them? See for yourselves

Awesome right? RIGHT????

Then next we have the first “core” band I ever had the pleasure of listening to Last Years Tragedy!!. Here’s them with their “Generation Light” music video. Okay, THIS SONG IS WICKED!!! It’s even got synths!. The production is far from mediocre. Sure it’s not squeaky clean but that’s what gives the song its edge!!.

Oh!! Oh Oh!! It is my honor to present the next song to you guys. I’m sure our frequent readers have heard the song already but it don’t matter because the song shows this bands potential and it’s potential that needs to be respected. DO NOT DISRESPECT THE POTENTIAL ENERGY!!!

Here’s 1 Last Autograph with “SEE EHN”.

Now for the guys who were my muse, as far as this post goes anyway. Here we have Damning cloudiness with their face-melting, raw, gritty, catchy, well made metalcore jam, “Becarfull”!!!
And really, the name is appropriate. If you’re in the work place with headphones on while reading this be warned, this song, and the others of course, can induce severe head banging urges. You’ve been warned.

And that’s it for now, support your local bands\m/


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